30+ Fabulous Gradient Nail Art Designs #fabulous #gradient #nail #designs – Decor

30+ Fabulous Gradient Nail Art Designs #fabulous #gradient #nail #designs

Gradient nail art, or ombre nail art is one of the prettiest nail art designs that you can easily recreate on your own nails.

By mixing different colors and producing smooth color transitions on your nails, you will give your nails a boost! You may think that it’s difficult to follow to produce gradient, it’s always possible to find your creativity and DIY with the right On a flat surface place a clean sheet of paper for your nail polishes. Paint a certain amount of the three polishes that you intend to use for the gradient effect. Lay them out in horizontal position. You should arrange the colors as to which one you would like to be at the tip, middle or inner part of your nails.

Get your sponge and press it face down directly on the polishes. To make sure that the polish has stuck into the sponge you may need to dab it a few more times on the paper with the polishes.

When the colors are ready gently dab the sponge on to your nails. Slowly move the sponge up and down your nails to ensure that the color is able to stick. You can repeat this process a number of times until you are satisfied with the results. What you have to remember is to make sure that each layer is dry each time you apply another layer.

When you are satisfied with the results you can add more detail such as beads, animal prints, butterfly drawings and so much more.

If everything is okay and in place, don’t forget to paint on your top coat of clear nail polish. This helps preserve the designs and let’s them stay on your nails for at most two weeks.

Don’t be afraid to try out this method. There is a first time for everything and another saying goes that if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Making the color cling to the sponge perfectly might prove as a challenge to you, but with more practice you will be able to master it in no time.

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