33 Beautiful Cabinet Paint Colors for Kitchens and Baths #beautiful #cabinet #paint #colors #kitchens #baths – Decor

33 Beautiful Cabinet Paint Colors for Kitchens and Baths #beautiful #cabinet #paint #colors #kitchens #baths

Choosing the perfect paint color for cabinets can be agonizing because there are so many gorgeous colors out there that can be almost impossible to narrow down choices. I wanted to share with you 30 beautiful cabinet paint colors for kitchens and baths that are also some of the most dependable and versatile colors out there for cabinetry. Many of these colors I have either used myself for my own projects, or have recommended to my clients. I’m also sharing a few tricks that I use with my clients as we select the best cabinet paint color for a space that we won’t regret.

While these colors that I’m sharing with you are dependable colors, it’s still very important that you sample a color before you paint in the space so you can see how your lighting throughout the day impacts the color. The color may not be what you envision and that’s no fun, especially if you skipped sample testing and went straight to painting.

One of the first things I consider about when choosing a kitchen/bath/media center cabinet paint color for a client is to determine if we want the color to contrast, or blend into the space. In spaces with low ceilings or tight spaces, I like a cabinet color that blends and is either the exact wall color (or very close), so the space appears larger and ceilings appear higher than they really are. In these type of low ceiling spaces, balanced whites with a neutral undertone (that are not too warm or too cool), will always make a space appear larger if used on both the wall and cabinetry.

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