33 Christmas decoration ideas and practical tips for an atmospheric party – Decor

33 Christmas decoration ideas and practical tips for an atmospheric party

Checklist for preparing Christmas decorations and more

There is something for Christmas that should be considered mandatory. These include, among other things, Christmas tree decorations, the packaging of Christmas gifts that you would like to give away to friends and family members, bake festive music, cakes and cookies, the scent of cinnamon … All of this together makes up the atmosphere of the festival. Treat yourself to this pleasure and do not allow even a small detail to be forgotten.

Our checklist can help you think of all the essentials.


As soon as it snows, a smaller or larger snowman should appear in front of your house or on your balcony. This brings them back to childhood and the little ones will enjoy this activity incredibly. If you wish, you can complete the project with a snowball fight.

Make the fireplace festive

Do you have a fireplace in the living room? You absolutely have to make this festive. Spread the effect of the fire by surrounding it with more light in the form of candles or fairy lights. It looks nice when the Christmas tree is on one side of the fireplace, at a safe distance, of course.

Creative Christmas decorating ideas

christmas decoration diy ideas socks ski wall decoration

Sing along with your children

How long has it been since you sang for Christmas? Remember some beautiful songs and sing them with your children.

Go ice skating

The towns for outdoor ice skating have a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

The popular festive songs are played and there is a happy atmosphere with many people who also enjoy the festival.

A few special items of clothing or a suitable manicure

There are dresses with Christmas motifs that look absolutely childish. At the same time, you will certainly have a lot of stylish clothing to choose from. Grab those that will bring you even more in the mood for the festival. The ladies could special manicure for the festival Afford.

Simple decorating ideas are often the best

christmas decoration diy ideas pillar candles cinnamon sticks christmas

Take a city tour in the dark

The cities are beautifully decorated for Christmas. Take the time to admire its festive atmosphere. Drive through the streets by car in the evening and enjoy the festive facade design, as well as the large Christmas tree in the city center.

Bake cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls are part of the festival and you shouldn't miss out on this wonderful aroma. Also use cinnamon in the decoration.

Mug of delicious hot chocolate

Name is chocolate with special spices in front of the Christmas tree – this is a nice experience that you will have for the whole year. Spend at least a few times in the Advent weeks.

Decorate the table with great attention to detail

christmas decoration diy ideas table decoration christmas

Watch new films for Christmas

The films are a great way to get yourself and your loved ones in a Christmas mood. Take your time: maybe there is beautiful Christmas filmsthat you don't know yet.

Family time

With all these activities, you must not forget that Christmas is a family celebration. Take the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones.

Fresh flowers add the finishing touch to the Christmas decoration

Christmas decorations diy ideas painted pots vases flowers tulips roses

Fairy lights are a must for festive decorations

christmas decoration diy ideas garlands diy ideas merry christmas

Let your imagination run wild

christmas decoration diy ideas candles cones lace tea lights craft ideas

A little bit of glitter and strong colors

christmas decoration diy ideas pine cones glitter christmas tree decorations

Cute DIY decorating ideas for Christmas

christmas decoration diy ideas pillow christmas decorations cones

Create a fairytale atmosphere at the Christmas table too!

christmas decoration diy ideas table decoration christmas gifts

Get a lot of inspiration from nature!

christmas decoration diy ideas door wreath cone berries tinker yourself

Smart upcycling ideas in the advent season

christmas decoration diy ideas upcycling kitchen sieve candles glass bottles

christmas decoration diy ideas decorate christmas tree

It's time for gorgeous poinsettias

christmas decoration diy ideas poinsettia advent wreath

Make your loved ones happy with the right Christmas gift!

christmas decoration diy table decoration gift candles

Gold and brass are back in fashion

christmas decoration brass gold table decoration ideas

Scandinavian Christmas

christmas decoration scandinavian christmas diy ideas tinker christmas tree yourself

Less is often more!

christmas decoration diy ideas fairy lights moss glass

The old sheet music gives new life

christmas decoration diy ideas tinker old note paper christmas tree yourself

A glittering angel is born

christmas decoration ideas angel glitter old paper

Eco-friendly Christmas decoration

christmas decoration diy ideas puristic christmas craft ideas moss candles

Create dynamic contrasts!

christmas decoration diy ideas puristic christmas decoration christmas tree decorations

Make Christmas trees out of napkins – the instructions

christmas decoration diy ideas napkin technology christmas tree

Or do you prefer to work with fabric ribbons?

christmas decoration diy ideas tinker christmas tree

Create a festive atmosphere and lots of joy with creative Christmas decorations

christmas decoration diy ideas table decoration fir green branches stars christmas decoration diy ideas table decoration white pillar candles advent decoration

christmas decoration diy ideas christmas balls fabric ribbon picture frame

Christmas decorations diy ideas wine corks tinker Christmas decorations yourself

christmas decoration diy ideas white candles christmas decorations mantelpiece

christmas decoration table decoration merry christmas christmas balls

christmas decoration table decoration merry christmas christmas balls round candles

christmas decoration table decoration ideas candles candlestick

christmas decoration table decoration fir green cones berries pillar candle

christmas decoration christmas tree wind chime fireplace

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