35 Short Blonde Hairstyles For Women #short #blonde #hairstyles #women #hair – Decor

35 Short Blonde Hairstyles For Women #short #blonde #hairstyles #women #hair

The combination of a short haircut with a fashionable ombre technique is very spectacular. You can see dark roots, bright ends on short hair literally everywhere! If you prefer a short haircut, it does not mean that the actual coloring is not available to you. However, this technique has its own subtleties that need to be taken into account.

To refresh the look of coloring fits as best as possible. If you have a short haircut, this is no reason to refuse to change! Transform by making yourself dark roots, bright ends on short hair! The effect of a smooth transition of color has literally changed modern fashion. This technique makes the hair voluminous. Unlike the usual monochrome coloring, the use of different tones gives a wonderful effect. Hair begins to look very lively and lush. If you use bright colors, it will make you look like a fairy-tale character. However, be careful not to overdo it: sometimes it is better to take more classic colors.

If you have blond eyes combined with brown hair color, it’s time to become blonde. A few are ready for full lightening, but the bright ends can afford everything. The contrast of the bright ends with dark roots looks very spectacular. If you have curly hair, highlighting the vibrant beauty of the curls will help lighten the tips. In this case, the transition should not be smooth. However, the face of the strands must be lighter than on the back of the head.

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