40 best bathroom and kitchen design ideas #bathroom #kitchen #design #ideas – Decor

40 best bathroom and kitchen design ideas #bathroom #kitchen #design #ideas

When we moved into our home just over a year ago, we kind of vowed to not really tackle any more house projects for a while. We wanted to just enjoy the house for what it was and furnish it slowly. Cue five months in the house and we were already planning how to finish our unfinished basement space. Sure enough our basement has been a continual place of construction the past almost year, but when we were putting this together and dreaming it up, we wanted to make it more than just a dark basement bathroom. We really wanted this space to feel like an oasis but also to connect with the utilitarian needs we from it such as being able to give our dogs a bath or providing room for our guests to enjoy their stay.

We knew from our past experience with tile while building our home, the great use it has especially when it comes to combining utility and style. It is easy to clean but adds sooo much interesting in a space. So of course we got in touch with our friends at Fireclay Tile and they began helping us dream up what this space could become.

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