40 Clever Tiny House Interior Design Ideas #clever #tiny #house #interior #design #ideas – Decor

40 Clever Tiny House Interior Design Ideas #clever #tiny #house #interior #design #ideas

It is the heart of every house: the living room. A place to relax and feel good. A place where the whole family gathers to chat or just spend time together. The living room must offer a pleasant atmosphere and reflect the own style of the residents. Only beautiful furniture is not enough for this purpose. A suitable decoration should not be missing here. Because even it gives a personal touch to the furnishings and turns the room into a cozy living space. The decoration for living room can be very different. From the carpet to the decorative pillows to the lighting – with almost everything you can set great accents and give the room more individuality. Personal taste and the appropriate furnishings play an important role in the choice of decorations. Everything that is selected as decoration must be coordinated with this.

There are numerous ways to decorate a wall. You can simply use a couple of beautiful paintings or family photos for it. The 3D wall decorations with elements made of metal, the wall wallpapers with LED lighting, the wall stickers and the canvas pictures from several parts etc. are very current at the moment. Otherwise almost everything can be used as a wall decoration – a beautiful mirror with a pretty frame, macrame, dream catcher, Musical instruments, great hats, plants, etc.

The carpet in the living room fulfills a practical function in the first place. It reduces noise, ensures warm feet, conveys more comfort and creates a homely atmosphere. However, the carpet can do even more, namely color-combining all the furniture in the room and forming the center of the room. Choose a rug that goes well with the interior – its color and size must match the room and interior. Opt for a rug in an unusual shape or with an attractive pattern and create a great color accent.

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