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5 ways to liven up your living room

You love your living room. And yet the time comes when you want to change your wallpaper. You just want to bring a breath of fresh air into your own four walls. But is that always extremely expensive and time-consuming? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Spice up the most used room at home, it doesn't have to be expensive and lengthy. It is actually very possible to noticeably change your living ambience with the help of a few useful furnishing tips and make it even cozier and fresher. Take a look at the five ideas below and be inspired by your living room furnishings.

Redesign walls with pictures

Admittedly, repainting all the walls in the living room or even decorating them with new wallpaper is a bit more complex. But what about a stylish wall design with pictures or photos? Here you have the opportunity to quickly and often create a change with different motifs. Of course, shape, size and suspension also play an important role and further enhance the visual impact. In addition to classic and abstract works of art as well as the canvases with digital printing that have been popular for a few years, the so-called Alu-Dibond and Gallery print Images are on the rise. In contrast to the lackluster, rough surface of the canvas, these impress with their absolute color brilliance and excellent depth effect.

living room furnishings wall design gallery print

Gallery Print is particularly recommended for detailed motifs and finer gradients. This innovative printing process also benefits from the advantages of acrylic glass and aluminum composite panels. It is either printed directly behind the glass using UV direct printing or more precisely using high-quality photo paper, which makes printing even sharper and more color intensive. Luckily, some online services already offer you besides other print products also your own photo motifs in just a few clicks in such a high quality version. So practically everyone can beautify their home with real, personal works of art from vacation, family life or nature.

Move furniture around

Creating a new perspective always creates change and in most cases new impetus. This definitely also applies to the living room furnishings. Because with just a few changes to your existing furniture, it is possible to give the room a completely new look and give yourself a new feeling of living. For example, you can take the sofa away from the window and place it more centrally in front of the fireplace. The reading armchair can easily be placed in another corner of the room and the side table is quickly moved elsewhere anyway. According to residential psychologists, furniture changes often satisfy the urge for change and variety and have a very positive effect on the residents.

relocate living room furniture

Increase the cuddle factor with textiles

Nothing can be more uncomfortable and cooler than bare floors and boring pillow-less sofas. It is not for nothing that home textiles are definitely a must for every home. Here you can create more harmony and comfort through texture and pattern or bring more freshness and dynamism into the room with fresh splashes of color. Decorative pillows in a different color or personalized with photo prints, a soft blanket or new chair and armchair covers are often able to give the living environment a completely different appearance and thus give it a radiance.

Extra tip: When choosing home textiles, always pay attention to adequate certification, such as Öko-Tex Standard 100. You can rely on excellent, pollutant-free quality.

decorate the living room with throw pillows

House plants add freshness

Matching houseplants refresh your home in an incomparable way, because literally a piece of nature moves in with you. As living beings, plants bind pollutants and enrich the room air with oxygen. The living room is one of the best spaces for an indoor garden or a larger single plant, like a Monstera for example. You can hang the selected plant specimens on the ceiling of the room in beautiful macrame hanging baskets, place the flower pots on the windowsill or decorate your cozy reading corner fresh and lively. Air plants that look incredibly effective and are extremely easy to care for have been very trendy and popular for some time. The balsamic apple also cuts a fine figure as a houseplant with its juicy leaves and its unmistakable exotic touch.

urban jungle houseplants for the living room

Home accessories as eye-catchers

New decorative elements in the form of home accessories can also be used to specifically change the living environment. A boring living room can only create a charming boho style atmosphere with just a few suitable items such as a wicker basket, ethnic candle, patterned porcelain, faux fur and a soft pouf. In this way, you can convert practically any neutral living room furnishings and transform them into a different living style. A practical tip when decorating: Always use an odd number when grouping home accessories. This is proven to be much more natural and harmonizing.

Of course there are still plenty of good interior tips. However, they are only there to give you an extra dose of ideas and inspiration. You should definitely listen to your own taste and set up your home the way you like it most. After all, only your well-being is what really matters.

Decorate boho style living room

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