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50 ideas for creative valuables and money hiding places

The interior should, as we have emphasized several times, both our aesthetic, as well our functional needs satisfy. For this reason we have e.g. several articles dedicated to the topic of "storage space". We'll take it up again in this post, but this time we'll look at it from a different perspective. It's about how you can creatively hide your money and safely store valuables. Above all, you should be creative so that potential thieves who enter the house in one way or another find it difficult to find them. We have some general tips ready for you and many concrete ideas that we have put together for you from the Internet.

For many centuries people have been hiding money and valuables behind pictures

picture as an idea to hide money

Hide money in front of your eyes

The money hiding places are usually expected to be found in very tricky places that are difficult to reach. This is not a bad idea at all and that's why we give several examples in this article. However, you could sometimes pick up valuables and money in some places that are literally in front of your eyes.

For example, you could turn an art object like the picture above this text into something like that.

You can also hide money in "wrong" books

money hiding books with hole

In the fridge or grocery shelf

The fridge and the food shelves are also very good hiding places for money. At first glance, it doesn't seem like the brightest idea to use a canned or other food packaging for it. But think again: If you have a lot of different products in the fridge or shelf, who would search them all one after the other? That would take a lot of time.

Hiding money in a can? It's awesome!

Money box with tomatoes

Accessories for electricity and water

What does it look like to stow money in a socket that doesn't actually work? Or maybe you could do this in one of the tubes in the house or garden that no water is currently flowing through? In both cases, these are very good ideas because the thieves would not like to rummage around in such places. In some cases, this could be dangerous for them or cause an accident, which consequently triggers an alarm and puts them in danger.

You can hide the money in the wall

socket money hiding ideas

Places difficult to access

All possible places hidden under or in the ceiling are quite difficult to access. You would normally need stairs and good manual skills to get there. These may not be the most original hiding places, but in many ways they would be the most optimal.

Every money hiding place in the ceiling is optimal

hiding money in the ceiling

Furniture and storage units with additional facilities

These types of ideas are particularly popular and work well, turning ordinary pieces of furniture and storage units into something special with simple additional equipment. An additional board under the chair or a drawer with a double floor are classic and tried and tested solutions.

Raised floor – This is how you can hide money at home

hiding money under the chair

General tips

You surely ask yourself the following logical question: Couldn't a thief read an article for creative hiding places, just like we are doing now? So he will come up with lots of ideas while rummaging through the apartment! Yes, we do not deny it – there is a danger. That's why you shouldn't imitate money hiding ideas one-to-one. Rather, you would need to clearly define the essential principles that you should follow. It should be places that are unusual and that take a lot of time and effort to discover. Because thieves usually don't. For example, if you have a lot of pictures or books at home, it would not be so easy to search through all of them. The same applies to storage space or other items. Also observe the behavior of visitors – what attracts attention and what remains unnoticed. Maybe you can even do an experiment: hide valuables and money somewhere and try to organize a game with friends and relatives. Have them read this article first to see if things are hidden well enough despite these pointers. So you can test in practice whether your hiding places are the most suitable against creative thieves!

Turn ordinary objects into original money hiding places

hide the blue earth globe and books

Shelf and storage units could be turned into original money hiding places

Money hiding idea in the wall

This is a good way to hide your key

Money hiding on the wall for keys

A thief wouldn't look here, would he?

Money hiding in the sandpit

An old deodorant as a hiding place for money – an equally great idea!

hiding money in the chewing gum

Or maybe you can hide the money in your shoes?

hiding money in shoes

hiding money in sporty shoes

Money hiding in the windowsill

Hiding money in the tubes is certainly not a bad idea

hiding money in the tube

hiding money in a book

hiding money in a football

Hide your money in a flowerpot

hiding money in a plant pot

Hide money in a great pen

Another idea for everyone who wants to hide their money in the blanket

hiding money in a blanket

hiding money in photo albums

Hiding money in tires - great ideas

You can also hide money under the children's toys

hiding money children's toys

hide your money with your socks

hiding money in the middle of books

Hardly a thief would look for hidden money under the bathtub

hiding money in the middle of the bathtub

hiding money in the middle of the drawer

money hiding phone on the wall

Hiding money in a vacuum cleaner? This is genius!

hiding money great idea for the vacuum cleaner

hiding money under the nuts

pulling out tiles of money hiding places

Stick the money on the back of a drawer!

at the back of the drawer hiding money

wooden house is also used for hiding money

wooden boxes for money hiding places

Hiding money under the products in the fridge could work just as well

idea to hide money in the fridge

in the facilities for cleaning money hiding places

hiding money in the tampons

Here is another example of an intelligent stowage unit

hiding money in the wall

in a ball for tennis hiding money

in a book hiding money

Hiding money in a suitcase – a great idea

in a suitcase - great money hiding places

in the middle of the sofa hiding money

in the middle of the wall hiding money

Double bottom for the drawer – an ingenious hiding idea

drawers idea hiding money

hiding money above the garage door

Who would look under the clean laundry?

under the clothes hiding money

money hiding under the formwork panels
book as money hiding idea

garden for hiding money

hide money in a pocket like stone

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