55+ ideas for cute playful fingernails #ideas #playful #fingernails #nails – Decor

55+ ideas for cute playful fingernails #ideas #playful #fingernails #nails

Summer always brings us new nail trends. The powdery pastel tones like pink and mint and flower motifs, which dominate the spring trend, are slowly being replaced by stronger tones and bright neon colors; playful patterns, suger-nails and nails with sand effect complete the offer. In the gallery below we have put together some great ideas for a playful summer nail design!

Hobby hobbyists who want to design a unique summer nail design by hand can choose from a variety of decorations with lacquer and pen. You can also achieve wonderful effects with magnetic nail polish, metallic or glitter nail polish, granular microparticles. In summer there are no limits to your imagination. It is only important that the nail polish also matches the outfit.

The color white plays a big role in summer – not only for clothing and accessories but also on the nails! For many women, white is the absolute favorite color because it makes the nails shine, especially when you are tanned from the sun. In addition, a white manicure can be perfectly combined with any clothing. But the only disadvantage is that you have to patiently apply several layers of white paint. To loosen up the design a bit, you can use white as a base coat in summer and draw blue horizontal stripes with a blue nail polish on it, then immediately create a maritime look with an anchor sticker! If you use a TopCoat last, you will also benefit from a long shelf life.

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