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60 original jeans upcycling ideas to imitate

Your favorite jeans have already had their day and you don't want to part with them? No problem! Don't need at all. Because with these original and simple jeans upcycling ideas you can have yours denim awaken to new life. In the form of a hanging bag or bottle bag, table decoration or cutlery bag, backpack or even dog toy – there is nothing that does not exist. You don't have to have a lot of experience sewing. Most projects can be implemented with simply sewn templates or even with a hot glue. You can also add colorful buttons, filigree lace or other ribbons, depending on your own taste. There are no limits to your creativity.

Creative jeans upcycling ideas for DIY

creative jeans upcycling decorations to make yourself

Make Zero Waste table decorations out of old jeans

Nothing is easier than that. You can make lots of table decorations and accessories out of denim, like Cutlery Bags, Coasters, fruit bowls, vases and tablecloths. You can even do it without sewing. You can just leave the back pockets of the jeans and use them for cutlery.

A beautiful cloth napkin in white and red goes very well with this. You can cut out the denim around it in the form of a rectangle and stick it on a piece of cardboard to achieve more stability. Made in this way, the whole thing is suitable as an original place mat.

A DIY table decoration in vintage style can definitely benefit from this

jeans upcycling ideas make table decoration yourself

The empty cans and toilet paper rolls turn into cool denim vases and egg cup, All you need is the container itself, old jeans, scissors and a hot glue gun.

You can achieve great results with different denim colors

diy vase jeans upcycling ideas to imitate

With the help of the hot glue, round coasters for hot and cold drinks are created in no time at all. To do this, the jeans hems are simply rounded like a snail and glued on at the same time with the adhesive. Super original and very easy!

Jeans upcycling coasters immediately catch the eye

cool coasters tinker jeans upcycling

Simple picture instructions

coasters themselves make jeans upcycling ideas

With the same handicraft technique you can easily create a fancy bowl for your Easter eggs make. Simply make a slightly larger coaster and eight smaller ones. The smaller ones should still have a hole in the middle so that you can tie them together with jeans strips. You can also fill the inside with some denim threads. Finished!

Unique table decoration for Easter with guaranteed WOW effect

table decoration easter jeans upcycling ideas to make yourself

Something like how to make cardboard masks or Decoupage you can also make these super smart bowls. As a fancy table decoration or as a storage basket, they simply look stunning in a cool denim look.

It doesn't just fit jewelry and lipstick …

storage bowl jeans upcycling idea to make yourself

With Mod Podge, it's easy to do

Make jeans upcycling shell yourself

Original jeans upcycling jewelry ideas

You can also make chic bracelets and tires from different denim pants or shirts. Either only with strips of fabric or with a simple weaving technique. The hot glue could also come to the rescue here. Decorated with colorful buttons and threads, the pieces of jewelry become real eye-catchers.

Let your imagination run wild!

jeans upcycling ideas make bracelets with buttons yourself

Embroider bracelets with cross stitching

diy bracelets denim upcycling

The jeans hems are also ideal

bracelets tinker jeans upcycling ideas to make yourself

How about a small boho style bag to hang around your neck?

boho decoration jeans upcycling ideas to make yourself

A DIY denim choker is also not a bad idea

diy choker jeans upcycling ideas to make yourself

And this is how you make a jeans upcycling bangle with wooden beads

DIY jewelry tires make your own jeans upcycling

Making jeans bandana yourself is of course not a problem

hairy jeans upcycling ideas

Sew lots of bags and purses

One of the most popular craft ideas with jeans is definitely making a bag, be it a shoulder bag, a women's bag, a small bag or a backpack. There are different ways to do it. You can simply sew on denim strips or pieces and create an original patchwork. You can also assemble the bags from large pieces of fabric and use leather belts as bag handles.

The bag handles look just as great from denim

jeans upcycling ideas sew bag yourself

Using the denim on the left … a very smart fashion idea

great ladies bag tinker jeans upcycling ideas

You can decorate the inside of the bag with a beautiful, checkered fabric

jeans upcycling bag instructions

Your cell phone also gets a super original pocket made of jeans

cellphone bags jeans upcycling ideas to imitate

And you can put your lunch box in these denim bags yourself

fancy jeans upcycling ideas make gift bags yourself

Upcycling dog toy in bone shape

Even your beloved four-legged friends can enjoy jeans upcycling. And how? Well, with these absolutely cool game bones, which are also super easy to make. Below you see exactly how.

Have you ever seen denim bones like this?

denim toy jeans upcycling ideas to make yourself

Take your old jeans trousers or even better two or three disused denim garments and cut out two textile pieces per toy using a cardboard template in the form of bones.

Draw the bone template as you like it best

from old your jeans upcycling ideas

You can transfer the templates to the fabric with a felt pen

dog toy jeans upcycling ideas to imitate

The result looks even better in different colors and textures

template for dog toy jeans upcycling ideas

Attach the denim pieces to each other in pairs with pins on the left

Make diy dog ​​toys out of jeans yourself

After that, all you need to do is sew the bone edges, leaving a small hole on the side open. Then turn the whole thing over and stuff that Dog Toys with cotton wool or synthetic threads. Now you can finally sew up the hole again and your denim bone is absolutely ready for use.

In the same way you can make lots of cuddly toys and toys for children. How about, for example, such cute denim fish or a cute whale?

Moving eyes complete the whole thing

make toys yourself jeans upcycling

whales toys jeans upcycling ideas to imitate

Check out the rest of the jeans too Upcycling ideas from our picture gallery and let yourself be creatively inspired! Lots of craft fun and good luck!

Embellish vases with jeans stripes

decorating ideas to make yourself with jeans

Tinker vintage laundry baskets

Storage baskets make your own laundry out of old jeans

Make festive decorative wreaths yourself

decoration wreath jeans upcycling ideas

Master iconic backpacks

a cool backpack upcycling jeans

Create atmospheric Christmas decorations from jeans

angels tinker jeans upcycling ideas

christmas decoration jeans upcycling ideas

Decorate gifts

gift tags tinker jeans upcycling ideas

gift leasing decoration jeans upcycling ideas

Make jeans upcycling bottle bags yourself

little hearts jeans upcycling ideas to imitate

Furniture in denim look

pouf sew your own jeans upcycling ideas

make your own sofa upcycling ideas

And much more…

Handbag tinker jeans upcycling idea

slippers flip flops jeans upcycling ideas

make jeans upcycling ideas as table decorations yourself

jeans upcycling ideas crochet accessories make yourself

jeans upcycling ideas tinker small bags yourself

jeans upcycling ideas make original bangles yourself jeans upcycling ideas to copy notebook kids carpet make jeans upcycling themselves

pillow tinker jeans upcycling ideas to imitatesmall pocket made of denim sewing jeans upcycling kitchen apron jeans upcycling idea to imitate

Cuddly bear tinker with old jeans

laptop bags jeans upcycling ideas to make yourself

bookmarks make jeans upcycling ideas

fruit bowl crochet jeans upcycling ideas

original jeans upcycling ideas flyer make yourself

original table decoration jeans upcycling ideas

pin wall decoration jeans upcycling ideas to make yourself

star denim pendant jeans upcycling ideas

fabric bag itself make jeans upcycling ideas

carpet jeans upcycling idea to make yourself

upcycling jeans ideas to imitate wall decoration stand jeans upcycling to imitate

christmas decoration garland tinker from old jeans

newspaper rack jeans upcycling ideas

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