40+ Storey House Facades: Models and Photos for Inspiration – Decor

40+ Storey House Facades: Models and Photos for Inspiration

The facade for an architectural work is the main item to be worked on, as it is the first contact we have with the residence. When designing a single storey house, it is no different. Today it is preferred by many people because it is practical and functional, has a single floor and in relation to construction, it is a more economical option due to its lighter structure.

The façade work is done as in other residential proposals, with a variety of materials that can be mixed to create a harmonic combination. A trend used in residential architecture is the large glass windows, they leave the look modern and cozy, and offer a privileged lighting. The coatings add sophistication to the look of the home and combined with straight lines and smooth textures, a beautiful design can be achieved.

If you want to value your property, be sure to design the facade carefully. She is a home business card and demonstrates the owner’s personality and style.


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