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Choosing the right wooden flooring – everything worth knowing about parquet

A wooden flooring is simply timeless. Hardly any other can achieve what this unique natural material can give a room, and that means a lot of warmth and cosiness. Thanks to different colors, structures and haptics, natural wood floors always offer just the right thing, even for the most demanding tastes. And although laminate and vinyl flooring are already widespread and relatively inexpensive in the specialist trade, these materials cannot really compete with wooden floors. The focus is on parquet in all of its designs. It was already convincing at the time of kings and is now doing so successfully with its noble charisma. In addition, there are the countless designs, which range from classic to rustic to abstract and playful, and which can be skilfully integrated into any furnishing style. In the following lines you will learn more about which types of parquet there are, what advantages and disadvantages they have and what types of wood are suitable for them.

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What types of parquet are there?

Basically, one speaks of two main types of parquet flooring – the so-called solid and finished parquet. In the first case, the wooden planks or planks, as the name itself suggests, consist of only one solid piece of wood. That is why it is called a parquet floor Solid wood floor, In the second case, it is more a matter of a multi-layer parquet, which is made from different, usually two or three, layers glued together.

In most cases, high-quality natural wood floors are also solid, although finished parquet products can also have very high quality and excellent properties, depending on the manufacturer. Parquet floors are ideal for both private and commercial use and can be found in all possible looks – in herringbone design, as country house or castle planks, colorful or monochrome, limed, smoked, brushed, matt, glossy or leached. The wood can be natural or even used in the form of real old wood. Which haptics, structure, format or color of the parquet floor the consumer chooses depends only on his personal preferences and the desired style of furnishing.

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Solid parquet vs. Engineered flooring

Both the one and the other type of parquet flooring have their advantages and disadvantages and the only right decision in this sense does not really exist. Depending on your own needs and budget, you can choose for the right parquet decide within your own four walls. In order to provide you with as much support as possible, we have put together a brief comparison below for you. In principle, this is what it looks like when comparing solid parquet with finished parquet in terms of appearance and design, durability and durability, installation and price.

  • Optics and design

Different woods and designs are possible for the two types of parquet. The finished parquet has the so-called wear layer, which is the top one. This consists of a completely different wood than the base layer. The only difference: with solid parquet, more elaborate laying patterns are possible, such as fish bones, for example.

  • Longevity and durability

Although finished parquet is somewhat less sensitive to heat and moisture compared to solid parquet, it proves to be much more short-lived and actually needs to be replaced in a few years. This is not necessary with solid wood floors. Such a parquet floor will be in top shape even in 100 years. This can also be sanded down more often, which is not the case with finished parquet. Its wear layer only tolerates a few grinding processes and becomes thinner over time.

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  • laying

Basically, the planks and planks of solid wood parquet require experienced experts to lay them. The wooden parts are glued together. In contrast, with many prefabricated parquet variants, thanks to modern click systems, installation is also possible without any gluing. This can also be done by hobby craftsmen.

  • price

If you look at production and workload, it turns out to be quite logical that solid parquet flooring is more expensive than finished parquet. This disadvantage is then compensated for thanks to its longevity.

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Extra tip: Parquet flooring is also recommended for fans of underfloor heating. Here, too, you should turn to expert experts when it comes to choosing the right type of wood.

Which types of wood are best suited?

One of the most preferred types of wood in parquet production is definitely oak. This wood not only convinces with its optical variety and optimal functionality, but also with its attractive price. Other domestic woods that also score with good quality and perfect properties are ash, birch, acacia, pine, spruce, maple, beech and chestnut. In principle, you should dig deeper into your pocket for the somewhat rare Douglas fir and larch. Tropical woods, on the other hand, can only be preferred to a limited extent.

Generally speaking, the wooden flooring should be an environmentally friendly product. Therefore, you should always pay attention to a sufficient certification with quality seals such as the Blue Angel or the FSC label when buying. This assures the consumer that the wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry.


With a high-quality parquet floor, you opt for more optical warmth, pleasant haptics and optimal comfort in your own home. Wooden floors also look good in the office or in other public areas and give the ambience a natural charm. When choosing, only rely on well-proven manufacturers and dealers and get detailed advice from experienced experts.

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