Christmas cookies simple – Christmas arrangements and ideas with delicacies – Decor

Christmas cookies simple – Christmas arrangements and ideas with delicacies

Christmas cookies simply arrange gingerbread

Christmas arrangement – combine ideas with delicacies

Would you like to avoid the boredom of the Christmas arrangement? You don't want the same decorations of conifer branches, lights, shining spheres … You can stay calm, of course, but as it is in life, some fresh accents are always welcome.

Simply arrange Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies simply arrange flowers with powdered sugar

You don't have to rediscover everything. But there may be some aspects of the Christmas arrangement that are traditional but new to you. Can this be? For example, have you combined the Christmas arrangement with the preparation of delicacies in one of the last few years?

The table decoration is a very current trend. It's particularly topical for Christmas, don't you think? Furthermore, this is an activity that can be wonderfully realized with the children.

Drink coffee and snack on Christmas cookies

just arrange christmas cookies drink coffee

Christmas arrangement with cookies

Did you also think about it? Christmas cookies are a kind of treat that you could never have enough of at home. These are always decorated with various sweet chopsticks, cream and other colored creams. You can also decorate all places at home with cookies.

Take a look at the great examples that we have put together for you.

How can you festively decorate the Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies simply arrange hearts flakes

Recipe and materials with which you can decorate the Christmas cookies.

Do you know the recipe for Christmas cookies? We will now explain an easy one for you. It is not very complex and is exactly right in our case. Because we want to make Christmas arrangements out of the cookies, don't we? You need about 400 grams of flour, 150 grams of sand sugar, a packet of vanilla, 30 grams of cocoa, ½ teaspoon of baking powder, 30 grams of cocoa, ½ cinnamon and some cloves. Now you need an egg and 175 grams of butter, which you add to this flour. This should result in an inconsistent mixture that is somewhat crumbly. Spread this substance in a pan 3-4 cm thick. Then it's time to cut out different shapes. Bake the resulting figures in the oven at 180 degrees for 8 minutes.

Make colorful glaze yourself

Christmas cookies simply arrange colored glaze

Thematic shapes and colors

Christmas cookies simply arrange poinsettias

Christmas cookies ornament

Now comes the hard part. You have to decorate the cookies and not eat them. Think of the great results that will come out of it. There are many different glazes that you can find in the supermarket. As far as the selection of pictures, colors and patterns is concerned, please use the pictures we have prepared for you.

Funny Christmas cookies

just arrange Christmas cookies

You also eat with your eyes

Christmas cookies simply arrange fir stars

Suitable places for Christmas arrangements from cookies

Now it is a matter of finding the right place for the Christmas arrangements from cookies. They'll look great on trees, on tables, in glass jars on windows, along with other Christmas accessories. The cookies would look very good in common Christmas arrangements with gifts from nature such as cones, acorns, conifer branches, rose hips. Cinnamon sticks and various scented candles would also go very well with it.

Make decorative Christmas balls out of colored glaze

Christmas cookies simply arrange Christmas balls

Colorful Christmas trees

Christmas cookies simply arrange fir colored

Christmas cookies simple decorate

simply arrange Christmas cookies in red

Penguins and snowmen

Christmas cookies simply arrange penguins snowman

Use decorative candy canes

Christmas cookies simply arrange Christmas crafts

Come up with original ideas like these below

Christmas cookies simply arrange Christmas handicrafts red glaze

Bake and decorate delicious Christmas cookies

simply arrange Christmas cookies red green

First you determine the shape, then the festive decoration

Christmas cookies simply arrange shape decoration

Sweet little gifts

Christmas cookies simply arrange gifts

How can you make a green Christmas tree cookie?

Christmas cookies simply arrange fir green

What is your Christmas message

Christmas cookies simply arrange fir with messages

Simply arrange Christmas cookies with Smarties

Christmas cookies simply arrange fir decoration

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