Create a mood board: A great tool for setting up – Decor

Create a mood board: A great tool for setting up

Creating a mood board is a creative, very exciting activity that can give wings to your own creativity and imagination. On this “mood board” ideas and emotions are visualized and developed further. It is a kind of visual collage that represents a patchwork of different ideas. It could be a creative project from the fashion industry, an art installation, a service or just Living and furnishing,

It is not for nothing that many creative people use mood boards in the course of their work, because they show a much clearer guide and bring plenty of concentrated inspiration, which consists of all the fractions collected. Colors, patterns and textures as well as shapes suddenly look sensibly combined and spread a very specific mood around them – the perfect tool for furnishing and interior design.

Create a mood board and let your own creativity run wild

create moodboard as a tool

Create mood board: determine your personal guide

Using a creative mood board, you can easily and playfully incorporate your personal touch into the interior and into any project. For example, you can start with a favorite color and add a few favorite textures. Haptics play a particularly important role in creating mood boards anyway.

Because this makes the whole thing feel much more real and lively.

An inspiring landscape or a work of art could also be the basis of a successful mood board. Even the nostalgic holiday photo with the white sand and the azure blue of the Pacific would not be wrong if you want to create a unique atmosphere in your own four walls. Inspiration can come from anywhere, always stay open to it and don't let trends and banal ideas irritate you. Because when creating a mood board, the only rule is: what is allowed is allowed!

Stay true to your own taste

create moodboard for fashion

Original mood boards can even serve as creative decoration in your home. Walls awaken to a spectacular life and create new living spaces that can be rebuilt or changed with little effort.

Also for planning different events such as weddings, theme parties or birthdays, mood boards are highly recommended and sometimes even essential.

Moodboard for perfect wedding planning

create wedding moodboard

The digital alternative to conventional mood boards

As usual for most areas of life, there are of course the right apps for creating mood boards. You can use it to create your creative “mood boards” and even share them on social media. Sampleboard, GoMoodboard and Canva are just a few of the best known.

The only disadvantage with such digital tools is that the feel is missing. You can't really feel the “touchability” of your project. Otherwise, created mood boards are very easy to create, even only online with the other colleagues in the team.

Professional designers like to work with mood boards

materials colors create moodboard

Either way, mood boards are pretty flexible and can be redesigned again and again very quickly and easily – perfect if you like variety and fresh changes.

Creating a mood board doesn't have to be quick. Take your time and play with colors, patterns, shapes and textures. And if you want to develop further, you can even choose a professional one if you wish workshop visit.

The Freshideen editorial team wishes you a lot of fun choosing and designing your mood boards!

Learn from the experts!

create moodboard with colors

Let yourself be inspired by the following moodboard examples …

Create mode moodboard

Wanderlust in shades of blue and gray

Create a creative moodboard

Collect ideas, quotes and photos on a wall

create moodboard as creative help

Quaint meets modern luxury

Create moodboard set up

Adventure and fine palate

digital moodboard create ideas

Have a weakness for gold

moodboard create gold

Or do you prefer the retro style?

Create retro moodboard

Furnish to your own taste and personal preferences

create moodboard interior

create moodboard furnishing art

moodboard create tips and tricks

Geometric patterns and expressive colors

create moodboard interior

moodboard create wall decoration

Muted colors and batik inspiration

create pattern colors moodboard

create and furnish moodboard

create moodboard tips

moodboard create ideas

Blue as a guide for the new collection

create moodboard for creative

Would you like a winter ambience for more harmony and tranquility in your own home?

moodboard create a collection of ideas

moodboard create trends

Or rather an incomparable freshness in lemon yellow and grass green?

Moodboard create lemon plants

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