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Design your own photo curtain and give the room a personal touch

Classic designs and patterns are always well received when furnishing. But you often need a kick, a personal input that makes the room more individual. If you are looking for a solution in this context, you may be able to try a photo curtain or a photo sliding curtain. These photo products have been in vogue for some time and the best thing about them: They can also be designed and ordered conveniently and easily online. With the help of a user-friendly online configurator, like this one from, you are able to customize your Photo curtain to be created in rails or slats at any time as you wish. The following lines will tell you what you should consider.

photo curtain photo curtain

Select the right size and desired motif

Depending on your specific needs, you can use photo curtains and sliding curtains as individual sun or privacy screens, stylish room dividers or original wall designs. It is therefore very practical that you can order them to measure and choose your photo motif freely. When configuring you only need to enter the exact width and height and either select a motif from the numerous templates or upload your own. If you order sliding curtains or slat curtains, you should also enter the number of panels / fabric panels and the overlap in cm. Of course you can also choose a company logo or text. Everything is entirely up to you.

Don't worry if your uploaded photo is of the right image quality. You can easily check this during the configuration through the quality check or call the experienced specialist service as required. In the end, the color-intensive, full-surface printing will surely convince you and give your room the finishing touch.

Design your own photo curtain online

Best fabrics and suitable packaging

Depending on the area of ​​application, you can choose the right fabric for your photo curtain or your sliding curtains. Here you have a rich selection of very thin and transparent, opaque and darkening fabrics. You will also find those that are backlit or water-repellent. There is definitely something for every taste and requirement. All fabrics are high quality, easy to care for and durable and help you to enjoy your photo products for longer. Request your free fabric samples as you wish and convince yourself of their excellent quality in advance.

photo curtain packing weight

You can order photo sliding curtains or slat curtains both with and without a rail system. In both cases, everything is also made to measure – rails, carriages and weight. If you already have the rails, the assembly should also be coordinated with them. For example, you can choose a curling ribbon for photo curtains, rather choose loops or a hemstitch. And when it comes to sliding curtains, you can choose between a very practical fleece tape for attaching the fabric, a hemstitch with weight to weigh down, a smooth cut or a piping tape.

assembly sliding curtain


No matter whether you need sun and privacy protection, a room divider or camouflage for unsightly spots in the room, you can do it individually and stylishly. Opt for high-quality photo products in specialist trade quality "Made in Germany", such as a photo curtain, a photo sliding curtain or a slat curtain with a photo motif of your choice. Give your home or your business premises a meaningful, personal touch and provide a unique eye-catcher.

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