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Free Fabric Scrap Projects – 60+ projects!

Use those fabric scraps you been saving in your stash with this collection of over
fifty free fabric scrap projects, patterns, and sewing tutorials, gathered from all over
the web!

Here you’ll find projects for large scraps, medium-sized scraps, and those teeny,
tiny fabric scraps you never quite know what to do with. You’ll also find lots of quick,
and easy projects as well as more complex projects like quilts to make.

And some of the simper projects would be great for a beginner. And because most
of these projects are small, they’ll stitch up fast, quickly giving the new sewer the
satisfaction of a completed project.

And if you happen to be someone who’s stuffing her scraps into a large bag for
storage (where they’re likely getting tangled and wrinkled), you may find the
following organizing tips helpful (the more organized your fabric scraps are, the
more likely you are to actually use them):

Prepare your scraps for storage by cutting away any unusable sections of fabric.
You may even want to cut larger scraps into “pre-cuts”, like jelly roll and charm pack
sizes. This way, they’ll be ready to use for your next project.

You can fold larger scraps and store them in boxes or bins. For smaller scraps, you
may find it helpful to place them in ziploc bags and then place these bags into larger
containers. And it may help to sort your scraps by color. Which can be especially
helpful for future patchwork projects for when you want to stick with the same color

If you store your scraps in clear plastic boxes, you’ll be able to easily see your fabric,
saving you from the need to rummage around. Just keep the containers out of
direct sunlight, which might cause your fabric to fade. And for scraps that are
genuinely too small for a project, you can chop them up, keep them in a bag or bin,
and use them for stuffing for stuffed animals, fabric toys, pin cushions, etc.

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