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Furnish Moroccan – charming ideas for an exotic interior

Anyone who already knows Morocco is definitely impressed by its rich history and distinctive, yet completely foreign culture for us. The travel memories of the unique architecture in Marrakech, Rabat or Casablanca stay awake for a lifetime. Many of our readers have certainly not yet visited this North African country, but show a certain interest in it. We have written this article for you and want to introduce all curious people to a world of exotic and mysticism. Below we share some impressive ideas for decorating in Moroccan. We invite you to take a small detour into Moroccan design so that you can feel the exotic nature of this country up close. We would be happy to show you the typical colors and the necessary home accessories that are an integral part of the Moroccan interior. Then we leave it up to you whether you want to introduce this oriental flair into your four walls or not! Stick to it, because it will be exciting, actually really Moroccan!

Furnishing Moroccan also means a colorful and seeming encounter of aesthetics and exotic.

Moroccan decorate a colorful and seeming encounter of aesthetics and exotic

Today we take a step back from the European style of furnishing and dive into a world full of colors and striking shapes, soft carpets and floor cushions, unmistakable Moroccan lamps, lanterns and freshly scented candles. These make the Moroccan interior very special, unusual for us and magnetic at the same time.

Furnishing Moroccan is not a difficult task, but you need love and sensitivity for the exotic charm. We help you to re-create this unique charm in your home.

At least you could set up a cozy reading corner by the window at home in Moroccan style.

Moroccan furnishings cozy reading corner by the window red dominates curved patterns on textiles

  • With Moroccan furnishings you experience an interplay of shapes and colors

Oriental shapes meet natural colors! This is how you can define the basic rule of the Moroccan style of furnishing. Here we find opulent ornaments, fine fabrics and curved patterns. The furniture and window frames are made of light wood and decorated with oriental motifs. The decorative carvings are an important detail of Moroccan design. For this you mainly use motifs such as flowers, leaves and vines, i.e. everything that comes from nature. Since we have already mentioned the windows, we should emphasize that they are by no means rectangular. But on the contrary. In Morocco there are floor to ceiling oval or rounded windows decorated with wood carvings. They are a real eye-catcher from outside and inside. In addition, in most houses they are covered with light-proof fabric curtains. They match wonderfully with a macrame knotted oriental wall hanging and spread a unique exotic charm in the room.

These wide, floor-to-ceiling windows are fitted with wooden grilles, yet they allow enough light into the room.

Moroccan decorate wide floor-to-ceiling windows with wooden grilles

Making macrame is a traditional Moroccan art.

Moroccan decor Macrame make traditional art in Morocco

And that's far from all about the Moroccan-style ambience. Comfort is the top priority there, which is why you set up a true oasis of calm that invites you to relax and meditate. The seating is a bit lower, which seems strange to Europeans, but is a custom in the Orient. imaginative moroccan carpete cover the floor, sometimes a wall in the room. This spreads a feeling for warmth and security. Low upholstery and countless soft throw and floor cushions are indescribably Moroccan and inviting and tempt you to linger a long time. In such a room you can totally switch off from everyday stress and really relax.

In this colorful and cozy atmosphere, you could forget about everyday stress.

Moroccan decorate colorful and cozy wood carving ambience

The Moroccan interior invites you to dream.

Moroccan decorating seating area romantic and dreamy saturated colors

In addition to the typical Moroccan interior, there is a real play of strong colors and oriental patterns that emphasize the exotic in the room. The color palette is fascinating and deprives the senses of its intensity. Colors such as carmine red, bright orange, saturated pink and bright purple are very typical Moroccan. These are skillfully combined with bright nuances such as violet, turquoise and bright shades of green. Blue is also a popular color in Moroccan interior design, the palette ranges from light blue to navy blue to the very dark shades of blue. To round off this wide range of colors, gold and silver are often used, which are used as accents here and there. Neutral colors such as gray or soft earth tones such as brown and yellow are also not excluded. The curved oriental patterns such as stripes, serrations and waves come into their own on this motley background.

The dark blue shade on the wall exudes mysticism.

Moroccan furnishings Dark blue dominates the room and exudes mysticism

Colorful, more colorful … Moroccan!

Moroccan decorate colorful interior soft textures

  • Some home accessories are absolute must-haves in the Moroccan-style room

Last but not least, we want to draw your attention to these essential home accessories that make up the Moroccan flair. These create a fairy-tale atmosphere that is actually unknown in Europe. In the first place there are the floor cushions made of leather or brocade, finely patterned and very comfortable. Low tables made of untreated wood with beautifully decorated plates made of gold, silver or brass invite you to cozy tea hours. Moroccan screens separate the seating area and thus your privacy. Everywhere you see artfully elaborated Moroccan lamps and lanterns that introduce an extra can of exoticism into the room. Just like candles, which are a stylish element and exude a fresh oriental fragrance of delicate jasmine, beguiling rose or juicy apricot.

Temptingly beautiful and fresh-looking – that's how you can describe the Moroccan style of furnishing.

Moroccan decor tempting nice fresh looking

Different countries, different customs, as is often said.

Moroccan decor wicker furniture throw pillows purple accents lamps

The wall decoration is also unique and typically oriental. Macrame, wall plates and large mirrors are a must there. These correspond to the other home accessories and round off the Moroccan furnishing style. All green houseplants bring an indispensable fresh note, without which the Moroccan design would be unthinkable. Colorful cut flowers in round vases also serve as fresh accents.

The room decoration and the typical oriental home accessories correspond well with each other

Moroccan decorate striking room decorations oriental home accessories

We are far away from the idea that within a single article you could cover the topic of setting up Moroccan in detail. Nevertheless, we have tried to encourage you to find new design solutions in your own home. Now scroll through the entire picture gallery and take a look at all the wonderful Moroccan interiors. These are definitely a valuable source of inspiration for everyone who is enthusiastic about foreign countries and cultures. The Freshideen editorial team wishes you lots of fun re-styling!

Moroccan aesthetics mixed with a bit of mysticism.

Moroccan furnishings typically oriental and mystical

Moroccan decorate typical oriental and mystical ideas

Moroccan decor mystical ambience dark colors

Moroccan white bench set up lots of colorful pillows

Untreated wood brings a piece of nature into the interior.

Moroccan set up untreated wood cabinet floor cushions

Moroccan set up minimalistic fewer items simple look

Blue in all its shades is a preferred color in Moroccan design.

Moroccan decor Blue preferred color in the interior

But the gentle earth tones are also in demand here.

Moroccan furnishings require soft earth tones

Moroccan furnishings in gray – a wonderful design idea!

Moroccan decorate all in gray sitting area by the window many throw pillows patterned carpet

Typical Moroccan!

Moroccan patterned seating area rug floor cushion

Moroccan decor bright colors natural textures floor cushion fur

Moroccan furnishings high green plant soft carpet low seating

Decorate Moroccan wooden table decorations dominate gray and blue

Moroccan furnishings with beautifully decorated folding screen lamps

Moroccan low bench set up two small round macrame tables on the wall

Moroccan style floor cushions warm colors lots of green and light

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