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Healthy living: electrosmog shielding and modern living style

The invisible dangers in everyday life are an increasingly topical issue for all people. The reason: pollution is taking on new and new forms. The biggest problem is that you don't know exactly how big it is. Furthermore, you usually need fairly innovative and expensive means to protect yourself from it. An example of this is electrosmog. You have it all around you, but it is difficult to protect yourself from it without innovative methods. However, this is not impossible and many of the measures fit well with our modern living style. And this certainly includes a healthy life.

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Healthy life – that can be measured

Until a few years ago, studies and publications on the subject were reliant on information about pollution. This is no longer the case because there are devices that can be used to measure their influence at home. The extent to which you can lead a healthy life with all the electronic devices around you can be found out quite easily using some modern methods. You can find a number of efficient Esmog products like this one from on the websites of their manufacturers. In this article, we focus on integrating them into our interior design.

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Renovate the house facade and live a healthier life!

Are you planning to renovate the facade of your house or apartment? Or are you looking for a reason for it? There are now special colors with which you can protect yourself from harmful radiation. This shields you from electromagnetic fields with low or high frequency. You protect yourself from all the usual radiations that usually enter your home from your surroundings. Painting with such colors is not a problem at all. You can attach them like everyone else!

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Zoning the interior for a healthier life

Modern people like to live indoors with an open living plan. They are then divided into smaller and larger zones using various design ideas. This zoning, which is common for modern lifestyles, can now have a double positive effect. Not only does this make the room look more orderly and structured, but you can also protect yourself from harmful radiation. How does it work? Today, many companies offer special canopies that protect you from the radiation while you sleep.

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Decoration ideas and e-smog shielding

A canopy for shielding from the bed is made from special textiles. They are now available in a wide range of colors and textures. Such textiles are mostly used to protect people from harmful radiation during their work. They can be used for duvets and sleeping bags. At the same time, with a little creativity, they can also be used as decoration in the interior. The walls and many of the furniture can also be spiced up with wall paints with a protective effect.

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Get competent advice

If you choose a housing strategy against harmful radiation, you need professional support. One should measure the dangers exactly and take appropriate measures. These do not necessarily have to be very complex, but strategically well planned. Because protection against radiation must not impair our normal life and lead to paranoia. Choose the provider of radiation measuring devices and appropriate protective measures carefully! You can recognize the good ones by the competent advice that is offered on their website and by telephone and e-mail. With their help you treat yourself to a beautiful and healthy life at the same time!

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