Home decorating demijohn #home #decor #decorating #demijohn #modern – Decor

Home decorating demijohn #home #decor #decorating #demijohn #modern

The glass objects give a touch of style to the decoration. They are very versatile and can be used to create a good atmosphere and attractive decor for each season. For example, a large vase to place on the floor or on a large table can accommodate seasonal flowers. You can fill it with flowering branches in the spring, sand and decorative seashell for the summer, apples or colorful leaves for the fall, pine cones in the winter. And it’s still the same decorative object. This is why the do-it-yourself decorative demijohn gives superb results. The glass objects that you already have in the house are your best friends when it comes to simple, inexpensive and very pretty decoration at the same time.Take the demijohn, there are a lot of DIY project options with her. You can choose one of his creative leisure ideas to your preference and make it your own. Here are the most inspiring “upcycling” ideas that can be called very cool manual activities that create a nice decoration:Use the demijohn as a vase and fill it with flowers or colored sandPlaying with flower arrangement options in a demijohnDIY a demijohn lampMake a terrarium for plantsPut a light garland in itFind in the photos below this page inspiration for your decorative demijohn.

The bedroom is the place to rest and it is important to keep it tidy, as it helps us to put our thoughts away too. Bedside table decoration can be very simple. A reading lamp, a vintage style watch, a transparent demijohn vase and some greenery. Always prefer greenery with flowers in the bedroom to sleep better.

Giving color in the living room is very simple. An aquamarine-colored vase, an almost transparent blue demijohn vase and yellow flowers. Light blue and yellow combine well, even more if you store them on a wooden cupboard. This creates a cheerful atmosphere and helps with a good mood. If you want to sublimate the color of your demijohn vase, put on it make some stones in the desired color.

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