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Last minute paper mache ideas for Halloween! With great instructions!

“Paper mache ideas” is one of our favorite topics and we can't wait to deal with it again and again. Halloween is a great occasion to deal with it! We have put together some ideas for you in good time and instructions that you could easily follow. We hope that you will enjoy this scary festival and autumn handicrafts in general. The end result looks a bit complex, but it's not really that. It's really great for that: an artificial one Decorative pumpkin made of pappa mache.

You need the following materials

1 step paper mache ideas

Materials you need for this paper mache idea:

The materials for this manual could actually be used wonderfully for other paper mache ideas. That's why you should remember them, because they could also be useful for other creative projects. You need the following for the realization of this concrete craft idea:

  • A simple balloon of any color
  • String or cord,
  • Newsprint,
  • Water,
  • Flour,
  • Colour,
  • Brush,
  • Screw,
  • A larger box from which you can make a circle for the lid of the finished pumpkin.

Step 1 – inflate the balloon

2 paper mache ideas great start

If you want to tinker these or other paper mache ideas, you need the following hand tools:

  • Scissors or something else to cut (you should choose something that works comfortably and without risk!);
  • A little needle
  • Gun with hot glue.

It is very important that you determine the exact size of the decorative pumpkin in advance

3 paper mache ideas - so it goes on

Preparation of the balloon

There are several paper mache ideas with balloons and this step could be useful for all of them. Because with it you could also realize many other decorative ideas in a round shape for other festive occasions. First, you should decide how big the pumpkin should be. You should then inflate the balloon up to this size accordingly.

Step 2 – Determine the length of the wire

4 step - visualization of paper mache ideas

Then you should measure the circumference of the balloon with the binding thread. Cut it to the appropriate length. You then need to tie the balloon to the top using the same tie string. Repeat this action several times until you have not got the authentic shape of a pumpkin. The illustrations illustrate very well how this can be done.

It is essential that the pumpkin looks uniform from all sides

5 Create a net - paper mache ideas - great square

Stick on the pedigree paper

This is surely one of the most environmentally friendly paper mache ideas there can be. Because even the means to stick the newspaper is totally ecological. For this you should add water to the flour. Pour in the liquid slowly while stirring. It is best to use a plastic bowl for this. It can be one from the kitchen. Because that is actually flour now and it is not a problem that you then prepare various foods for cooking there.

The flour and water should make the best possible mix

6 - Powder ideas paper mache ideas craft

You need a thick mass that can be smeared evenly onto the surface of the balloon. You could use a suitable brush for this. You would have to cut the old newspaper into strips in advance in order to attach them to the balloon. All of these actions have been beautifully illustrated in the next pictures!

It is an environmentally friendly DIY project!

7 pour idea paper mache

Let it dry and apply the orange color!

It is absolutely crucial for the final success that you use flour and water for this and similar paper mache ideas and no other products for attaching the newsprint. You can use this to solidify this balloon, which you have already shaped like a pumpkin. After you've applied everything, let it dry. Once it is firm, part of it can easily be cut off. We do that in the last step! First you should apply an orange color so that it really does for a pumpkin looks. The best thing would be to apply the paint in several layers. Let it dry again!

If you poured too much water in, you could add a little more flour!

8 - great mix - paper mache ideas

Completion and tips for decorating it!

After the color is already dry, you finally have the paper mache in the form of a pumpkin. Only the tied end of the balloon looks through. Now you could burst and pull it out with a needle. In the following step, cut out the lid. From the inside, attach a piece of round paper and on top of it – a screw. You could in turn form a handle around the screw with a piece of cardboard. Finished!

The newspaper should preferably be cut into strips

9 - a great band - paper mache ideas

So you could use the artificial pumpkin like a bowl, which you can fill with candy and various small cookies! Such an idea is suitable for Halloween, but depending on the case, it can also be used for other celebrations and as jewelry during the entire autumn / winter season. Of course, like all other papier mache ideas, this one is more suitable for interior decoration. By the way, you could combine this great pumpkin with one of the other ideas that we show below.

For an excellent result, you should follow the instructions step by step

10 - Crafts with paper mache - almost done

Now the balloon should dry well with the newspaper

11 - drying step - handicrafts with paper mache

Clean the surface well before applying the paint layer!

12 - great pumpkin with paper - handicrafts with paper mache

Not so strong sandpaper could help

13 - round idea - handicrafts with paper mache

You need this part of the balloon to make a cardboard handle around it

14 - step - great idea

Multiple layers give a better result

15 - step - almost naturalistic

Now it's time to cut out the lid!

16 - pistol with great resources

You could use such tools at this step

17 - step - great pumpkin pistol for paper mache

You can use suitable tools for cutting out!

18 - Cutting off a lid - paper mache idea

You can fill this bowl with various great things

19 - hollow idea - handicrafts with cardboard

Make a lid!

21 - Paper magazines - crafting with paper mache

A screw around which you wrap a piece of cardboard would be ideal

22 paper mache ideas - great handicrafts

Other paper mache ideas

Such great spirits would also go well with the pumpkin, wouldn't it?

Little ghosts - paper mache ideas

Paper mache idea with a Halloween face can be tinkered in a similar way

Luminous face - paper mache ideas in green color

Another variant of painting the surface

Fun and Easy DIY Halloween Decorations Miss Bizi Bee for how to make paper make halloween decorations

You can also make such figures out of paper mache!

Paper mache ideas - a great figure

Paper mache ideas - great face of an owl

Paper mache ideas - wonderful pumpkin faces

You will need several balloons for this, but inflate them smaller!

Bowl with small pumpkin heads - paper mache ideas

Great pumpkins - paper mache ideas in orange color

A great vintage paper mache project!

White pumpkin - wonderful paper mache ideas

Wonderful figures - paper mache ideas in white and gold color

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