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Make a great Froebel star with instructions in pictures and video

Different to real Herrnhut stars, which are patented and sold in the crafting set, you can make not only a beautiful Froebel star relatively quickly and absolutely cheap, but a lot of them at once. The three-dimensional Froebel stars consist of only four strips of paper and nothing more. The strips are usually cut in a width-to-length ratio of 1:30 and can be cleverly folded together.

The world-famous folding star was named after the German educator Friedrich Froebel. He is considered the founder of the kindergarten movement and developed the craft star from simple geometric shapes to promote children's fine motor skills – the so-called Froebel basic shapes. The classic Froebel star has 16 star points and is ideal as a Christmas not only on the Christmas tree, but also as a table, window or wall decoration. From this you can easily make beautiful mobiles for the children's room or why not for the bedroom. Depending on your own taste and personal preferences, different types of paper, colors and patterns are suitable for your DIY Froebel stars.

In addition to the popular classic, there are of course great new variations of the Froebel stars. You can find some of them, for example here,

Would you like to make a beautiful Froebel star?

Froebelstern tinker wrapping paper tinkering paper orange

Building Froebel Star made easy: simple basic instructions

You will find numerous handicraft instructions for Froebel stars made of paper on the net. We have selected one of the best and lightest for you. Instead of paper, you can of course also use ribbon or fabric, although these variants are more suitable for advanced users.

Beginners are also advised to start with wider stripes and larger stars.

Made entirely in white, the Froebel stars look like delicate snow crystals

Froebelstern tinker out of white paper

It is much easier than it looks …

origami fröbelstern tinker with children

Here you get a first glimpse of the handicraft instructions …

Froebelstern tinker instructions with white paper

As a sample, you can first make it with plain white paper

tinker fröbelstern tinker herrnhuter stern

All you need for Froebel star handicrafts is:

  • Wrapping paper
  • a pair of scissors

Cut the wrapping paper into four equal strips, about 2.5 cm wide and 75 cm long. But as I said, you can buy pre-cut paper strips in the craft store or online. Then you can start at any time …

And so the strips are folded in the middle and inserted into each other. Slowly through a specific way of folding you work your way to the finished Froebel star (shown very well in the video below). Fröbelstern handicrafts are not rocket science. Nevertheless, it is a bit more complex at the beginning than the very simple handicrafts and therefore not really suitable for toddlers under 5 years. Older children, on the other hand, enjoy the way this type of paper star is folded and have a lot of fun with it.

And this is how it goes on with the actual crafting of the Froebel Star:

Although Fröbelsterne tinkering is not one of the simplest handicrafts, but requires a little more patience and sensitivity, it is one of the most popular DIY projects for Christmas, In some countries, crafting Froebel stars has become a permanent Christmas custom. Once you have mastered the folding technique, you will be able to create wonderful Froebel stars out of wrapping paper with different patterns and in any size. These poinsettias can be hung up not only as Christmas tree decorations, but also as wall decorations, fairy lights, table decorations or to embellish gift packaging. By the way, many handicraft shops and also online sell a lot of pre-cut folding strips for Froebel stars. And so of course it is even faster and more convenient to do handicrafts.

Create stylish gift tags with Froebel stars

gift packaging decorate froebelstern tinker wrapping paper

Froebel stars can also be made more environmentally friendly by making them out of sheet music or old newspapers and magazines. In this way you also give your Christmas decoration an unmistakable, nostalgic vintage touch.

So take another look at the video handicraft instructions and our picture gallery and take the risk! Make your own beautiful Froebel stars for Christmas.

The editorial team wishes you lots of fun and good luck!

You can put the paper Froebel stars together in a beautiful wreath

old newspapers newspaper fröbelstern tinker wall decoration

Make your own door wreath Froebel star tinker from newspaper

Of course, colored paper from old magazines is also suitable for this

magazine paper colorful froebelstern tinker ideas

Or old sheet music

notepaper paper make your own poinsettias

Or just arrange it together

colorful paper stars fröbelstern make gift tags

Hung on a branch, Froebel stars are an original Christmas decoration

DIY Froebelstern to make wall decorations for Christmas yourself

Or as an original mobile for the children's room

Froebelstern create mobile ideas for children's rooms

tinker freezer to make mobile yourself

Frozen stars as Christmas tree decorations are simply the classic

fröbelstern make Christmas tree decorations themselves

Design the paper stars in traditional Christmas colors

fröbelstern traditionally tinker red green

Christmas wreath Froebelstern tinker green red

Frozen stars made of glittering wrapping paper are also real eye-catchers

Make wrapping paper Christmas stars yourself

Make poinsettias yourself from paper Froebelstern

Made of gold-colored paper and supplied with a package cord

tinker beautiful Froebel star as Christmas tree decorations and gift tags

DIY gift packaging decorated with paper stars and other origami creations

Make origami Froebelstern yourself with paper decorations

Benefit from the versatility of the Froebel stars …

fröbelstern make table decorations themselves from paper

… and make beautiful door wreaths and many other DIY decorative elements

fröbelstern tinker the door wreath as a christmas decoration

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