Make upcycling garden decorations yourself – 70 simple garden ideas with guaranteed WOW effect – Decor

Make upcycling garden decorations yourself – 70 simple garden ideas with guaranteed WOW effect

Recycling is good, upcycling is better! It is not only the recycling of raw materials that is important, the repurposing of obsolete items is a great thing that protects the environment. "Turn old into new" is not only a creative process, but also depends on a very sustainable attitude to life. This searches for new uses of an old object and breathes new life into it. Since the new gardening season is already here, we are going to show you 70 super original ones today Upcycling ideashow you can make your own garden decoration yourself. Old dishes, tin cans, shoes and rubber boots, drawer cabinets and wooden chairs, bird cages and bathtubs that you no longer need: all great building materials for your zero waste decoration for outdoors.

Make fancy garden decorations yourself

Women's shoes garden decoration make ideas yourself

Planters with a difference!

Planting of all used items is quite popular and popular. This not only implements a smart idea, but also provides that special upcycling touch. Depending on your personal preferences, you can try different flowers and plants, but more robust and easy-care plant types are suitable, such as succulents or violets for example.

As with other planters, ensure that there is good drainage from shards of clay or gravel and lay out some green moss on the floor as an additional decoration or compaction. Where necessary, you should also drill small holes on the lower side of the DIY planter so that the irrigation water can run off undisturbed.

And so easily the old typewriter becomes a fancy flower pot

old typewriter diy garden decoration

Just like the old sewing machine

old sewing machine make garden decor ideas yourself

You can even convert thick, old books into original planters

make old book garden decoration yourself

And what about your favorite teenage bag?

old bag garden decor ideas

Kitchen sieves as upcycling planters are of course real classics

garden decoration make upcycling ideas kitchen sieve

Magical flowers of a special kind

Tinker flowers is up to date in every season. To be able to make this yourself as a whimsical garden decoration is the most beautiful. The best thing is that they can be made from a lot of old things. Glassware or porcelain is definitely one of them. You no longer need to throw away individual items with scratches or cracks, because they can be glued to each other using the hot glue gun. Longer metal or wooden skewers then serve as sturdy flower stems that you can insert directly into the ground. The creative tableware flowers can of course also be decorated more beautifully with special glass and porcelain colors.

You will find numerous such handicrafts in the basement or at flea markets

old dishes and cutlery garden ideas

Soft drink tin cans are also recommended for your DIY garden decoration

tinker flowers from old cans

Just like bottle caps

make garden decorations yourself from bottle caps

Adorable upcycling flowers for advanced hobbyists

tinker garden decorations yourself from old crockery

Imaginative creations in vintage and boho style

Upcycling crafts is simply made for decorating in vintage or boho style. The unmistakable nostalgia of disused objects is jazzed up with colorful glass. The old kitchen strainer can be created in no time an atmospheric wind chime for the garden or the terrace, which can also serve as a hanging lamp. On the other hand, you can make porcelain cups with a rose pattern with real ones roses combine and use as a beautiful, hanging decoration. And antique keys with jute and pearls as a boho wind chime undoubtedly immediately attract everyone's attention and bring a special romantic mood.

Even rusty forks get a second chance here

upcycling garden decoration make wind chimes

Romantic porcelain decoration for the Vintage wedding

make garden decorations yourself vintage

Magical wind chime in boho style

make diy wind chime as a garden decoration yourself

Fairytale garden decoration idea to make yourself

garden decorations make your own teapot

Funny garden decorations with children

Of course, the little ones also have a lot of fun Crafts garden decorations, Be it funny characters, cute little animals, colorful mushrooms or insects … everything brings joy and gives pleasant handicraft and play time. Tin cans with a bit of metal paint or varnish become beautifully dotted flower pots and with a little imagination you can make a cute cow out of the clay flower pots. Stones and balls can be painted quickly and easily and transformed into colorful ladybugs or busy bees. Support your children in this amusing and useful craft activity. In this way you help them to let their creativity run free.

Tinkering garden decorations with children is also a lot of fun for adults

make tin can flower pots garden decoration yourself

Old CDs and glass lids are also excellent when making your garden figures

Make zero waste garden decorations yourself

And how about beehives made of clay pots?

make garden decorations yourself for children

Have you ever seen colorful mushrooms growing out of clay?

mushrooms from old flower pots as garden decoration

Or a sweet Maya bee from ball in the garden bed?

make bee maya garden decoration yourself

A useful mini bee hotel can be conjured up from the old coffee mug with little effort

small insect hotel diy garden ideas

And used badminton or tennis rackets are the perfect colorful decoration for the raised bed

tennis racket garden decoration make ideas yourself

Doing creative upcycling garden decorations yourself is always worthwhile. In this way, you not only give your garden an unmistakable flair, but you also contribute somewhat to global waste reduction. Old objects awaken to new life and you can let your imagination and creativity run wild.

Have fun copying and creating!

Make planters garden decoration yourself

There are hardly any limits to your imagination

make old piano upcycling garden decorations yourself

bicycle garden decoration make upcycling idea yourself

Used rubber boots and car tires are perfect DIY planters

flowerpot from rubber boots garden decoration ideas

Make old car garden decorations yourself

creative garden ideas make old tires

old tire beds make their own garden decoration

garden decorations themselves make planters from car tires

Just like metal wheelbarrows and toilet bowls

make garden decorations yourself zero waste

make garden decoration yourself from toilet bowl

The drawer cabinet becomes a colorful herb stand

vintage garden decoration make ideas yourself

The large rain barrels are perfect as a funny wedding decoration for the garden party

funny garden decor ideas with containers

A wooden ladder becomes a fabulous display shelf

wedding decoration garden decoration ideas to make yourself

Just look further and get plenty of upcycling inspiration for your DIY garden decoration!

cage succulent garden decoration ideas

old dishes upcycling garden ideas make unusual garden decorations yourself

unusual garden ideas wind chime upcycling

make flowers from car rims garden decorations yourself

cool garden decorations make ideas yourself decorating ideas upcycling make fish garden decoration yourself

garden decor ideas for children's wall

garden decoration ideas upcycling

garden decor ideas to make yourself from glass make garden decoration yourself from garden hose garden decorations make autumn leaves yourself

garden decoration make creative upcycling garden idea

make your own garden decoration with old cans and tulips garden decoration make wind chimes out of glass make glass bottles metal garden decoration yourself

make glassware decorations yourself make chandelier garden decoration yourself

chandelier glasses diy garden decor ideas make fruit boxes garden decoration yourself

original garden decorations make pewter buckets yourself

original garden ideas to make yourself

Make planters from basketball garden decoration yourself Make mushrooms DIY garden decoration yourself

hose flowers decoration ideas for the garden

cabinet drawers make your own garden decoration

wheelbarrows flowers garden decor ideas to make yourself

make succulent garden decorations yourself wheelbarrows

teapot garden decoration make your own idea

decorating ideas make yourself old spoons upcycling unusual garden decor ideas to make yourself

upcycling garden decor ideas to make yourself

make upcycling garden decorations yourself with glasses Make upcycling garden decorations yourself

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