Modern architecture: penthouse apartment in Rotterdam – Decor

Modern architecture: penthouse apartment in Rotterdam

What do you imagine when you hear about a penthouse apartment in Rotterdam? The designer of OMA Rem Koolhaas will surely surprise you. The building has a height of 143 m. The penthouse apartment is on the 43rd floor. Of course, the city itself is particularly spectacular when viewed from this bird's eye view. Making this a comfortable but always fascinating experience has been one of the main goals of the architects and designers working on it.

The open living plan always looks modern

insight into modern penthouse living style

Penthouse with modern facade design made of glass

The entire 25m of the facade of this penthouse apartment is covered with glass from the outside. These panels are laid from floor to ceiling. Through this, residents and visitors can enjoy a great view of the river Meuse. Here we also have a nice perspective on some other features of Roterdamer architecture.

This includes the Erasmus Bridge, the Markthal shopping center and Delft city center. The view even extends to the Hague.

With modern architecture, you always make the most of the location

view of the city penthouse

Flowing lines in the interior

From the apartment you discover that the Rotterdam cityscape is shaped by flowing lines. The river also contributes greatly to this. It was incorporated in the design language of the interior design. We rediscover this in the wavy patterns on the ceiling and on the floor. A 20 m long curvy walnut wall was also erected. This is the framework for the comfortable 150 square meter wide living space. Despite the openness of the living plan, there are enough corners and areas where you feel safe and comfortable.

Depending on the perspective, the penthouse appears more modern or traditional

brown and white penthouse

Protection of privacy

The installation of glass walls always harbors the risk of feeling unprotected or uncomfortable due to excessive openness. Different methods are used to protect the privacy of the residents. The walls in the interior were covered with heavy wooden panels. That brings the homely atmosphere back.

The flowing concept was in one form or another all over the place interior adopted. A wonderful example of this is the 8-meter-long kitchen island, which takes on the role of a bar counter from a certain moment.

In this modern interior, the white furniture appears as accents

broad perspective penthouse

Two apartments, a luxurious penthouse

This penthouse actually houses two separate apartments. One was designed as a large living area with a kitchen. The second apartment includes 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, jacuzzi and sauna. The bathroom is 6 meters long and has a view of the port of Rotterdam. The jacuzzi is located to the side of the bed in the master bedroom.

This penthouse construction concept clearly shows how modern living concepts can be fascinated and inspired by the environment. Life in it becomes a unique, never-ending adventure. Basic ideas of such living concepts can also be realized in the public sphere.

The well-designed floor plan ensures maximum comfort

Floor plan of the great penthouse

In the elevation we see the well-considered modern interior
penthouse living plan ideas

The optimal planning of the entrances and the windows is of key importance in this penthouse

penthouse another great plan

The modern kitchen design is also wonderful for entertainment
bright ambience penthouse

The gray and white color palette looks ultra-modern from some perspectives

penthouse room bathed in light

Depending on the daylight, different colors are brought out

communicative design penthouse

The lighting makes the ambience particularly cozy at night

penthouse evening lighting idea

Jacuzzi in the bedroom or how to understand modern luxury

penthouse bathroom design

The modern interior shows invigorating contrasts between different neutrals

Penthouse futuristic interior

Another great perspective that shows the modern look of this penthouse

penthouse gray and white

The brown curtains are an accent in this modern bedroom interior

penthouse bright bedroom

The interior design is geared towards the spectacular city view

penthouse interior design with openness

The optimal distribution of the furniture is essential for this modern interior design

penthouse contrast modern neutral

In this modern interior, the shapes of the furniture and the walls correspond

penthouse super modern bathtub

The modern furniture comes into its own very well against a neutral background

penthouse great interior

Particular attention was paid to the floor and ceiling design in the modern interior

penthouse great neutral colors

The homely color palette was also included in the modern bathroom furnishings

penthouse white interior design

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