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Modern large mirror in the interior fitting – examples and tips

Are you one of those people who always feel fascinated by great, large mirrors when looking at furniture and furnishing ideas? We are at your side! Indeed, these are great decorative and living elements at the same time and they can add value to your interior design both aesthetically and practically. In addition, mirrors provide variety in the interior. Due to changing mirror effects during different times of the day, you will always see your interior from a different perspective. However, in order to enjoy all these advantages of mirrors in the interior, you would have to adhere to a few rules for their selection. We dedicate our today's contribution to them. The topic "large mirror" is an exciting one. convince yourself!

Large mirrors can be found in various forms

triangle - great wall mirror large

Large mirrors – the main advantages

The main advantage of a large mirror is of course its practical value. In this you can see yourself very well and prepare for demanding occasions. Secondly, we would like to emphasize the decorative value of such objects in the interior.

This value is increased even more by beautiful frames. Large mirrors make it possible to adapt them to different types of interiors. In addition, the skillful use of a large mirror can enhance the effect of attractive elements. For this it is very important that this reflects a beautiful object. Different dimensions can also be expanded thanks to this function. For example, a small mirror can make a small room look wider and brighter.

The beautiful pattern of the ceiling is reflected and the decorative effect is enhanced

ideal for the wall - large wall mirror

Are you aware of the diverse possibilities?

There are very different types of mirrors on the market today. You should take enough time to choose the best possible among the many different great models. A large mirror can have frames in pink, red, or other modern colors. There are also variants in metallic shades such as gold and silver, as well as those with a geometric or three-dimensional character. Mirrors with an irregular frame are particularly popular at the moment.

Should the mirror frame be simple or richly ornamented?

The more subtle and neutral the design, the more original and striking the mirror shape should be. This is how this piece will look like an accent and interesting decorative element in the room. Of course, this is urgently needed in a neutral and minimalist design.

The opposite would be recommended by designers in other situations. In a room full of ornamental details, a simple frame mirror should be preferred. With its simple and sophisticated character, it will serve for a welcome balance in the interior.

A large mirror can make a room look larger

small bathroom - large wall mirror

You have to be careful when using a large mirror

The correct use of a large mirror is a tricky task. Very often you have to experiment and think for a long time until you find the best possible position for it. This is precisely the major disadvantage of using a mirror in the interior design. There are some aspects that are of great importance when using a large mirror in the interior. Here you are!

This large mirror reflects an object of art and other appealing objects in the room

small great mirror - large wall mirror

The right position

The correct positioning of the mirror is crucial for the successful implementation of a design concept. You have to determine exactly which task you want to master with it. Here are some examples of possible functional uses of a large mirror: You would like to reflect a beautiful object so that you can see it from every angle; You want to balance the dimensions in a room (this is necessary, for example, if a room is much too narrow and long or vice versa!); You want to make a room look wider or lighter.

Silver simple frames make the room appear simple and classy

metal frame - large wall mirror

Positioning tip: reflection of an object

Do you have a great object in the interior that also serves as a focal point in the room? Is this a noble piece that you are particularly proud of? You could position the mirror so that such furniture is reflected in it and bring even greater added value to the room. According to Feng Shui, it is generally recommended that the mirror be positioned opposite beautiful objects. In this way, the reflection of inharmonic objects, such as broken or aesthetically unappealing objects and room elements, should be avoided.

The effect of this chandelier is even greater thanks to the mirror

frame made of silver wall mirror large

The size of the mirror

"Large mirror" is a relative term that can only be treated in relation to other objects and the entire room. A mirror can appear oversized because it appears as a huge and strategic element in the interior. You can also represent it as the largest decorative element in the room. In relation to other accessories such as lights and vases, this appears larger. At this point you also have to ask yourself what exactly you want to achieve with this object.

The round mirror next to the shelf appears like a larger accessory

round wall mirror large

Large mirror as an accent

A large mirror can occupy an entire wall in the room. This is often done in bathrooms, but some living rooms are also designed with a mirror wall. This is a very successful idea, especially in small rooms. In apartments with an open floor plan, you can use a mirror to highlight a certain area. In the hallway and other rooms, you can expand one or the other dimension.

A mirror wall has a distinctive decorative character

round and beautiful wall mirror large

Tips for decorating different rooms with large mirrors

Depending on the room in which a large mirror is used, different tips for designing it apply.

Large mirror in the living room

Very often we have a large mirror behind a sofa. This highlights the most busy area in this room. You can also position an oversized mirror opposite the sofa.

Extra tip:Make sure that there is usually a lot of movement in the living room. This could cause the mirror to fall to the floor quickly and injure someone. Keep that in mind when choosing positioning. Use the mirror so that problematic incidents are reduced to a minimum.

Large mirrors are often attached to the wings of cupboards

large mirror a closet

Large mirror for dining room and kitchen

Large kitchens are often positioned in kitchens and dining rooms. It makes sense here that beautiful objects are reflected in the room so that they can be seen from anywhere. Just like in the living room, safe positioning is very important due to the constant movement! Accidents should thus be avoided.

According to Feng Shui, a mirror in the bedroom should be out of sight of the sleeping person

great mirror effect - large wall mirror

Large mirror in the bedroom

Some opt for a large mirror on the headboard or on the wall above or opposite the bed. According to Feng Shui, this decorative object must never be seen by the sleeping people. This would scatter the energy in the room and have a negative impact on the quality of sleep. You should be able to easily look around in the mirror after getting ready for the day. It will also be helpful if it is positioned opposite the window so that the light is spread out.

This large mirror emphasizes the media wall in front of it

wall-high wall mirror large

Large mirrors in small spaces such as hallways and bathrooms

In small rooms such as hallways, bathrooms and basements, the function of the mirror is clearly to enlarge and illuminate this room. The second is only possible in the presence of an at least small light source. This should be positioned opposite the mirror. Regarding the expansion, you would have to determine the strategically best side through careful observation.

Designer mirror accent walls often have an ample internal structure

large wall mirror - a beautiful mirror

Two designer mirrors, which extend the great effect of other objects in the room

large wall mirror - exotic space

large wall mirror - several on the wall

large wall mirror - several elongated mirrors

large wall mirror - cupboard and lights

Lighting is of primary importance for the good effect of a large mirror

large wall mirror - great oval shape

wall mirror large (24)

large wall mirror - golden frame

wall mirror large - frame - great

Thanks to the appropriate selection of frames, a mirror can be adapted to different styles

wall mirror large - huge original frames

large wall mirror - huge wall mirror

wall mirror large - round piece on the wall

large wall mirror - beautiful metal walls

The mirror in the hall serves to expand the room

large wall mirror - mirror at the end of the hallway

large wall mirror - mirror between the curtains

large wall mirror - great idea for the wall

large wall mirror in a make-up room

large mirror made of marble

3D frames like this one in the picture below are particularly modern

wavy frame - large wall mirror

living room with bathroom - large wall mirror

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