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More than 80 ideas for space-saving furniture with super modern design

Let's look back at the history of multifunctional and ergonomic furniture. In earlier times, probably until the end of the last century, they were something very unusual and were the exception rather than the rule. Space-saving furniture was something that was used for a time until the “real” furniture was not used. However, that has changed a lot over time. The smaller apartments became more and more common and were no longer perceived as a sign of the low standard. They wanted to live fully functional on a small living space and that became modern. For many people, this was a conscious decision in line with the character of our modern society. Multifunctional, space-saving furniture was therefore increasingly a designer piece. They are accents in the interior that you like to show off.

Example of retro furniture in a modern design

Side table made of wood - space-saving

What can you call modern space-saving furniture?

With the following 80 ideas we would like to illustrate how exactly super modern space-saving furniture can be characterized. Surprisingly, that doesn't mean that they always have a super current or futuristic appearance. Even a retro design from the middle of the last century could look very trendy.

It is only important that the piece of furniture fits the design and that the whole looks uniform. Modern space-saving furniture usually has an original design with very well thought-out functionality. However, this is not particularly noticeable. So the aesthetics are unharmed and they are what particularly impresses guests when they visit. In other words, the practical use is seamlessly packaged with an excellent and bespoke appearance. Compromises on quality are inadmissible because, unlike in the past, such furniture is used every day and not only in an emergency.

Another trendy idea with a nostalgic design

brown rehab under the TV to save space

Popular styles

We had just made it clear that practically any style could be suitable for space-saving furniture. It is more important that they are well registered in the general modern concept. They should also meet the other criteria just listed. Nevertheless, there are some styles that are more popular than others. We have this among other things in this article outlined about the furnishing trends. At the moment you are using the styles of 50s, 60s and the 80s back. That is why we have shown a number of such among our ideas for space-saving furniture. In terms of texture and color, they were adapted to the rest of the interior in such a way that the end result, despite the “nostalgic” aspects, appears trendy and even future-oriented.

You can set up an entire zone in a room with space-saving furniture

elegant loft bed saves space

Participation in the spatial structure

Do you really want your space-saving furniture to look current? Then they should help shape the spatial structure. This task is usually solved as follows: A small piece of furniture defines a certain zone. In the picture above, the corner is for relaxation and maybe reading. A strategy that is often chosen is also one in which such a great piece of furniture ensures a visual balance in the room. This means that they are positioned in places that would otherwise look empty and without character. After all, despite small dimensions, space-saving furniture could visually divide a room into two or more areas. We see an excellent example of this below this text. A shelf, which also serves as a table and storage space, divides the room into two parts.

With this space-saving piece of furniture you can organize the whole room

small and high shelf space-saving

The mirror surface and the wooden ornaments together create an effective contrast

gold and black - space-saving

Contrasts of different materials – rich in contrast and harmonious at the same time

At present, the high-contrast appearance is particularly popular due to the use of different materials. As you can see from our examples, among other things, wood and metal are often used at the same time. We also often see a base made of wood and surface with upholstery. Wooden benches and stools with storage space in them are particularly often executed in this way. The base of furniture with upholstered cushions can also be made of plastic or metal. The contrasts between the different materials and fabrics are effective and at the same time very subtle. This comes from the application of light or neutral variants of the otherwise glaring shades. Furthermore, the classic colors black, gray, white and brown are used very often.

The side table in the corner ensures visual balance in this room

gray and brown ideas save space

Combination of closed and visible surfaces

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to one aspect of space-saving furniture. This has become particularly popular in the past few months. Most pieces of furniture have storage space and this is partly open and partly locked. This has many advantages from both an aesthetic and a practical point of view. On the front you often have attractive looking grids or nets. In addition, people like to pair open shelves with drawers or put sliding doors in front of them.

The modern gray color gives space-saving furniture a particularly contemporary look

gray furniture ideas save space

Semi-transparent doors in front of storage areas are very modern

wood and tell idea to save space

Such ideas with wooden grids are just as trendy

Wooden shelf with bars to save space

The sliding door on the side makes this piece of furniture modern and practical at the same time

Ideas in brown and gray - space-saving

box-shaped piece of furniture - space-saving

Furniture with a gray front saves space

Another nostalgic piece of furniture in a modern context

space under the tv - very space-saving

space-saving - great, unusual design

space-saving - brown and white - great idea

The metal and the wood create an effective contrast

space-saving - noble combination of materials

space-saving - elegant vintage furniture

space-saving - elegant design with herbal decoration

Stools with storage space are popular space-saving furniture

space-saving - elegant stool with space inside

space-saving - color between brown and beige

space-saving - gray piece of furniture with plenty of storage space

space-saving - idea for the living room

We experience wooden surfaces with different paintwork and grain

space-saving - rough and simple room design

space-saving - great idea for the shoes

space-saving - great idea for the living room

space-saving - great upholstered furniture - idea

space-saving - great shock under one picture

This green color has been particularly topical in recent years

space-saving - great, blue side table

space-saving - great blue room

space-saving - great high shelf

Braided baskets can visually transform wonderfully multifunctional pieces of furniture

space-saving - great basket system for space-saving furniture

space-saving - lots of great knitting furniture

space-saving - white cabinet next to a comfortable chair

space-saving - white piece of furniture with a wooden door

space-saving - wonderful blue shelf

Table on several levels next to a sofa

space-saving (38)

space-saving (39)

space-saving (40)

space-saving (41)

space-saving bar table with two chairs

Bar tables can also offer convenient storage space

space-saving bar table and great chairs

space-saving blue shelves idea

space-saving gray, great upholstered furniture

space-saving stool with space brown

space-saving wooden ideas under the tv

In this example we experience a contrast between gray surfaces and golden accessories

save space in two great parts

space-saving inspiration from nature

space-saving long piece of upholstered furniture with sparkling wine

space-saving with many ideas made of wood

space-saving piece of furniture for the corner

The classic shape of this small table contrasts with the modern geometry of the accessories

space-saving piece of furniture for the bedroom

space-saving seamless appearance

space-saving shelf under a tv

space-saving black table

Another idea for effective design with a grid

space-saving sofa and shelf

space-saving table in the living room

space-saving table with great chairs

space-saving great brown ideas

Excellent fusion between classic and modern

space-saving great shelf with drawers

space-saving - differently colored pieces of wood

space-saving trolleys on roller blinds

space-saving white and glass

space-saving white wood - great idea

The ergonomic cabinet is an accent in this black and white room

space-saving white piece of furniture

space-saving white shelf with patterns

space-saving gray table tv

space-saving bright mint shading

space-saving great white table

space-saving furniture - great table for the living room

Original front of a space-saving piece of furniture

space-saving furniture in elegant black color

space-saving furniture with baskets in it

upholstered furniture with a space-saving character

practical blades save space

rough and original design saves space

Small dining tables can define the center of a small room

table with ottoman saves space

Great idea made of wood - space-saving

great table in the middle of a living room to save space

great brown piece of furniture to save space

Ideas for small, functional pieces of furniture

black piece of furniture for the wall to save space

great piece of furniture made of wood - space-saving

great white and brown space-saving

vintage design saves space

vintage TV table space-saving furniture

white front - space-saving furniture

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