Over 70 simple unicorn craft ideas for a great party – Decor

Over 70 simple unicorn craft ideas for a great party

One of the most popular topics for birthday parties for children (and not only) is that of the unicorn. The distinctive features of this fairytale-like figure can be easily reflected by less talented DIY artists in various projects. We have put together over 70 great unicorn craft ideas for you, which are fairly easy to imitate and have a modern look. We also have a few current and practical tips.

Great unicorn craft ideas in vintage style

Picture with a motto unicorn craft ideas

Unicorn craft ideas with a distinctive style

Unicorn craft ideas can have quite different stylistic character. The typical colors are universal and therefore they can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Let's take a look at the first picture in our article! Thanks to the message in the frame, the dominant purple color and the wooden trunks, a vintage character was achieved.

The combination of ideas is so stylish and you could take them for an adult birthday party or other themed celebration, don't you think?

Balloons are part of a unicorn party

colorful picture with unicorn craft ideas

Decoration with balloons

The balloons belong to a unicorn party. Remember that and make the most of it! You can create a whole backdrop for the party from balloons in colors typical of unicorn. You could also use it to decorate windows, doors or even the dining table. If you also find balloons with unicorn motifs, this would of course round off the entire decoration idea perfectly.

Mint and pink are the typical colors for the unicorn craft ideas

Subtle shades of unicorn craft ideas

Delicious surprises

You can combine unicorn craft ideas with culinary delights. Themed decorations would be ideal for different pies, cakes and muffins. But it doesn't necessarily have to be something complicated for the whole thing to work out well. As we can see in the picture below, a waffle could wonderfully represent the unicorn theme.

The unicorn motif can be made with a simple waffle

Unicorn craft ideas - delicious cake with cream

Ideas for different games

The unicorn theme is very extensive if you come up with different games for the children's party. We had just called the balloons. You can certainly organize a competition to paint them. The crafting of different unicorn figures or drawings on this topic would also be suitable. What do you think of reading and telling unicorn stories?

Unicorn craft ideas that are suitable for child's play

Unicorn craft ideas - DIY inspiration

Universal theme for different age groups

As a rule, the unicorn party is suitable for toddlers. But depending on how stylish and elegant the decoration is, this could also be a suitable topic for teenagers or even adults. In the second case, the unicorn craft ideas should have a stylized and minimalist character. Take a look at our 70 great pictures and be inspired by them.

Gift bags with unicorn theme

Unicorn craft ideas (75)

Party decoration made of balloons for the unicorn party

Unicorn craft ideas made from colorful balloons

Create a festive character with glitter colors

Unicorn craft ideas colorful bottles - ideas

Simple unicorn craft ideas for kids

Unicorn glasses decorated with craft ideas

Unicorn decoration for the dining room chairs

Unicorn craft ideas unicorn with blue ribbon

Unicorn craft ideas solemnly designed table

Unicorn craft ideas bottles with a pink drink

Elegant and upscale unicorn craft ideas

Unicorn craft ideas bright dots with shine

Unicorn craft ideas kittens faces

Unicorn craft ideas Little idea

Mint and gold – a great unicorn color combination

Unicorn craft ideas little cake

Unicorn craft ideas cake behind a veil

Unicorn craft ideas delicious sweets

Gingerbread with unicorn motifs and colors

Unicorn craft ideas delicious gingerbread

Unicorn craft ideas delicious ice cream

Unicorn tinkering delicious cake

Elegant and feminine unicorn table decoration

Unicorn tinkering delicious plate

Unicorn craft ideas funny colors

Unicorn craft ideas with a great balloon

Some pretty simple yet wonderful inspiration for your unicorn party

Unicorn craft ideas muffins with white cream

Unicorn craft ideas paper figures with colorful balls

Unicorn crafting paper mottoes

Unicorn craft ideas pink and purple - great

More unicorn inspiration for fans of the vintage style

Unicorn craft ideas beautiful flowers

Unicorn craft ideas beautiful gift idea

Unicorn craft ideas silver and pink

Unicorn craft ideas table with gold accents

Unicorn craft ideas great unicorn heads

Unicorn tinkering ideas great wooden spoons

Unicorn craft ideas Great plastic packaging

Put yourself in the world of fairy tales with the unicorn craft ideas

Unicorn craft ideas great dining table

Unicorn craft ideas great cat face

Unicorn craft ideas great vintage design

Unicorn craft ideas lots of colorful balloons

Unicorn craft ideas vintage picture

The unicorn theme also goes well with the rural decoration style

Unicorn craft ideas vintage feminine

Unicorn craft ideas vintage and rural

Unicorn craft ideas wonderful unicorn figures

Gave ideas for guests unicorn craft ideas

Glass full of great objects unicorn craft ideas

Great wall design for a unicorn party

golden balloons unicorn craft ideas

Golden figures unicorn craft ideas

golden and pink balloons unicorn craft ideas

Cats theme unicorn craft ideas

Cakes on three levels of unicorn craft ideas

Even more inspiration for great unicorn gifts

original decoration unicorn craft ideas

Paper unicorn craft ideas in small bags

Pop Corn ideas unicorn craft ideas

Rainbow bags for make up unicorn craft ideas

With such ideas you can create a unicorn for little princesses

romantic flair unicorn craft ideas

Pink cake unicorn craft ideas

beautiful garden party unicorn craft ideas

Customize your unicorn decoration!

beautiful greeting card unicorn craft ideas

beautiful carnival masks unicorn craft ideas

beautiful drawing unicorn craft ideas

sweet colors - unicorn craft ideas

The unicorn craft ideas bring so much zest for life and color!

Sweet temptation unicorn craft ideas

Table on the wall unicorn craft ideas

Table design - beautiful unicorn craft ideas

great decorated cups unicorn craft ideas

great gems unicorn craft ideas

great idea for the garden unicorn craft ideas

great idea with a cake unicorn craft ideas

The unicorn craft ideas can be so elegant!

great tablecloth and balloons unicorn craft ideas

great unicorn theme unicorn craft ideas

gilded bottles of unicorn craft ideas

gilded cardboard unicorn packaging ideas

different characters unicorn craft ideas

wonderful flower ideas unicorn craft ideas

wonderful muffins unicorn craft ideas

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