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Planning home furnishings: These are the best tips for you!

When it comes to living and furnishing, you can never get enough of inspiring ideas and practical tips. Because you want to feel really good in your own four walls, relax and recharge your batteries after your stressful everyday life. If you are currently planning your own home furnishings, then we have important tips, or rather main rules for furnishing, that will lead to a well-thought-out structure of the interior.

You should be aware in advance that you need precise planning before you actually buy the furniture, and this is where the so-called needs analysis comes into play. Using this, you can gradually get a concrete idea of ​​what your future home should look like, fully adapted to your own needs and preferences.

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Living style and personal preferences

The first important criterion for a needs analysis is the style of furniture and decoration. Should the furnishings be puristic or ultra modern, romantic in shabby chic or more relaxed in Scandi style? Above all, the following applies: What is allowed is allowed! This is the only way to feel optimally comfortable in your own home. If you want to choose between several living styles and have several spacious rooms, you can even transform each individual room into a different living environment. However, you should not forget that you should also consider the whole thing as a coherent concept in order to achieve more integrity.

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Arrangement and function

After you have already determined the desired living style of your facility, it is your turn to arrange and function. And these two aspects mainly depend on your lifestyle. Do you live alone, in a solid partnership or with the family? Do you have children or would you like to have them in the future? These are fundamental questions that are of fundamental importance when planning the home furnishings.

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Simply go through all the rooms in peace and quiet and think about which functions they should fulfill. Do you cook in the kitchen every day or do you go out more often? Do you stay longer at the dining table in the living room? How important is it for you to have a comfortable sofa? Do you need extra storage space and what for?

Take a pen and note and record the exact floor plans of all rooms or use suitable apps and tools such as 3D room planners from the Internet. So you get an even better visual idea of ​​your apartment.

Extra tip: Always start planning the largest objects!

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Think through buying furniture well

When the style, lifestyle, arrangement and function of the rooms have already been clarified, you can move on to the actual furniture purchase. Of course, there are also a lot of criteria that you should consider. Above all – high quality materials and the best quality. Because, as the saying goes: if you buy cheap, you often buy twice.

The furniture should best be stylish and durable. Keep an eye out for sales and sales at renowned furniture stores on site or online and if need be, you should opt for used, branded or designer furniture rather than cheap goods.

When purchasing high-quality furniture, it is always worth taking out a loan for home furnishings if the budget is too short. Too complicated and time consuming? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Many credit marketplaces and online loan comparison sites, such as Smava, offer you cheap loan offers as well Further information about how you can take out a loan quickly and easily, at an absolute low interest rate.

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Play with lighting and colors

The highlight here is: create several islands of light in the room! Because these give more depth and provide extra comfort in your home. So, if possible, plan several sockets in the house, especially when it comes to new construction or renovation. A successful combination of ceiling lamp, table lamp, recessed lighting and LED strips would be the perfect solution for a cozy ambience, for example. It would be optimal if all or at least some of the lights have a dimmer. So you are always able to set the exact light intensity according to your current needs. Of course, light color also plays an important role and should be used just as cleverly.

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Have more courage to color! Because sometimes only one new color can give your home a fresh touch and create a more cheerful atmosphere in the room. It is not necessary to paint all the walls at once. An accent wall could be enough in most cases. Color accents can also be introduced into the home furnishings through many pieces of furniture and home accessories as well as home textiles. About the Effect of the colors A lot has already been written and you can also make yourself clever about it. When choosing your living colors, your own perception and well-being are of particular importance.

To feel really homely and comfortable is also the point of the matter when furnishing and living. Let yourself be convinced by expert tips and be inspired by different living ideas, but also listen to your gut feeling when furnishing your home.

The Freshideen editorial team wishes you a lot of fun with the setup and good luck!

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