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Setting up a small apartment: 30 original and stylish ideas

We have already devoted several articles to the topic “small apartment”. It is hardly necessary to emphasize why it is so current. Certainly can among these tips everyone can find something for themselves, regardless of whether they live on a large or small area. When used creatively, the small apartment can offer space for everything and feel really comfortable and cozy. There are some basic tips that you should keep in mind for good success. It is also important to implement original and stylish ideas. Because the small apartments are adapted to your own needs. Learn more from our examples!

A small apartment can be individualized with great decoration

bed as an accent small apartment

Small apartment with bright decoration

In general, small apartments should be decorated in neutral and bright colors. Because they make them look brighter and more inviting. But we couldn't have a good mood without our favorite color. And in many cases there is a lack of individuality. What can you do in this case?

The colors can be highlighted by the decoration and textiles. This means you can always change, add or remove something to find the right size.

For the small apartments, choose a few items with a strong impact

discreet interior small apartment

Small ideas with a big impact

The furniture in the narrow apartments should be as small and ergonomic as possible. The minimum for comfortable use is announced. But again it comes to the point that you want to achieve the greatest possible effect. Designer furniture that uses clear lines and little material, but that comes into its own, would be a perfect idea in this case. The example above shows how well this can work. The creative use of materials and the strong motifs of the abstract effect play a very important role here.

The Scandinavian style is always suitable for the small apartment

elegant seating small apartment

Furniture that disappears into the wall

The furniture from our third example looks like it has grown out of the wall or out of the floor. There is something organic about this approach and at the same time it is very impressive and attractive. At the same time, this saves a lot of tread both visually and actually. The skillful use of light plays an extremely important role in the particularly good effect of such furniture.

The accent objects come into their own in front of the white walls. Ideal strategy for the small apartments.

drinks bar ideas small apartment

Everything should be for decoration!

You have to save space in small apartments. In this sense, the decoration is not particularly popular. But that changes quickly as soon as you select the functional objects so that they also have a decorative effect. For example, you can display dishes, products and other items that you need for everyday use on the open shelves, but at the same time they contribute to the decoration of the interior.

One-room apartments are often furnished in an eclectic style

small apartment bench and table under the window

Opt for eclectic

The different styles offer different ideas for the effective use of restricted living space. That is why the eclectic for small apartments is usually a perfect choice. So you can always add new things that fit particularly well. That's why you don't have to worry so much about whether the new style matches the existing interior or not.

The neutral interior – ideal for one-room apartments

small apartment green accents

Creativity and style

The basic goal of our article is to help you combine creativity and style. This is quite possible, as you can see from our example. You should just follow a few principles. First, all of the selected items should have something connecting between them. Or there should be an accent or eye-catcher that welds the look of the whole together. And you mustn't make any compromises – everything should work perfectly for your room and look great at the same time!

With accents, you can easily design a small, bright apartment

small apartment ideas with and made of wood

In the small bathroom, the same principles apply as for the small apartment

small apartment small bathroom

Everything in the small apartment should also be an accent

small apartment accent carpet and neutral furniture

small apartment storage space and cozy pillows

small apartment great furniture surfaces

With accent walls you achieve a charismatic look in the room and you save on other decoration

great screen small apartment

mirror wall and cactus small apartment

storage space ideas small apartment

In small apartments you should effectively use the tricky corners

great storage space small apartment

great oven small apartment

The definition of different zones is of great importance for small apartments

different zones small apartment

Setting minimalist-wood shelves-small-apartment-

device-small-flats design ideas-

small-apartment-set-as-cake-device wall color-bedroom-dining table

Many bright neutrals – this is how the home furnishings look individual and at the same time wide and bright

small-apartment-set-round-coffee table-sofa-wandspiegel

small-apartment-set-living room-workplace-coffee table sofa

small-apartment-set-open-plan living-room dividers

Subtle green accents are a modern range of fabrics that go very well with small apartments

small-apartment-set-studio-wohnideen-living room-retro style

small apartment-studio set-retro-style-upholstered furniture-sofa-pouf-sideboard

small-apartment-set-studio-bedroom-loft bed-holzbtreppe-bin

The modern style fits well in the small apartment because the straight lines make the room look wider

small-apartment-set-studio-wall lamp-lantern-gray-sofa-cake line

small apartment-studio set-cake-line-cake island-books shelves

small-apartment-set-studio-light-wood-as-pie device



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