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Simple and creative bathroom decoration – 30 ideas for modern bathrooms

The modern bathroom is usually very comfortable and homely. It looks like an extension of the rest of the interior design and is not a clearly separated part of it. Ease of care is a very important main concern when planning modern bathrooms. What does all this mean for the decoration of this room? The bathroom decoration should be as simple as possible. It would be perfect if it completes the general stylistic charisma of the room. Preferably she should be just as creative and reflect her own style. Here are some great ideas for simple and creative bathroom decorations!

The basket bathroom decoration is ideal for this monochrome room

gray tile bathroom decoration

Bathroom decoration made of exotic materials

In the bathroom above we have a monochrome color palette. Nevertheless, a homely atmosphere and a lot of comfort were achieved. The materials selected for the bathroom decoration play a key role in this context. The wicker furniture and accessories, namely the bucket, the paper roll holder, and the mirror frame make the atmosphere particularly cozy.

They also provide a change in colors and textures without losing the monochrome character spoil the color palette.

Simple bathroom ideas in modern colors can make small spaces extremely interesting

bathroom decoration two colors vertical

Few, but strategically very well distributed objects

There are few elements in this bathroom, but they have been strategically perfectly distributed. In addition, the very modern, as well as creative character of these was put on display. So the bathroom looks very nice, at the same time cozy and super modern. In addition, his character is very adaptable and transformable: just changing a color and moving an object gives you a completely new effect. As in the previous example, the decoration is very functional. The idea with the two-tone vertical design is ideal for very high bathrooms, which do not appear too high and cozy.

Feel free to mix the bathroom ideas with a different kind of decoration!

bathroom deco subtle pattern basket

Subtle and warm appearance

The tile patterns from the third example are simple, but somehow very original and stylish. The artistic distribution of the simple lines gives this bathroom wall its very own rhythm. The selected colors are universal, but at the same time they show very modern nuances. The few items that do not necessarily belong in the bathroom blur the lines between practical and modern. And as already emphasized, this is typical of modern bathroom decoration.

Similar wall design would be perfectly suitable for a bathroom

different blue colors bathroom decoration

Bathroom like a living room

Our bathrooms are more and more reminiscent of homely spaces. However, this does not mean that they have to be elaborately decorated and decorated. You could opt for very simple concepts and achieve the desired homely character through the clever use of modern bathroom decorations. This is exactly what we want to illustrate using our examples selected today! Take a look at our other bathroom decorating ideas and you will surely find something for yourself!

Scandinavian bathroom decoration? Why not?

woven baskets bathroom decoration

Simple natural decorations can be super effective in a small bathroom!

decent neutral accents bathroom decoration

Wall picture as a bathroom decoration would be an original and very successful idea

pictures gallery bad deco

A black board would make the bathroom decoration particularly versatile

bathroom decoration panel made of wood

Modern colors and interesting patterns – that's enough for modern bathroom decorations

bad decoration great blue patterns

bathroom decor stone washstand

bathroom decoration black and white geometric pattern

Make beautiful bathroom decorations out of the useful accessories!
bathroom decor bright ideas

bathroom decor narrow space

The few black accessories give this simple bathroom decoration a very original character

bad deco decent deco in black

bathroom decor floor made of tiles

bathroom-ideas-bathroom-design-interior design-ideas-deco-ideas-apartment-design-46

The bold decorating ideas make the bathroom both homely and effective

bathroom-ideas-bathroom-design-interior design-ideas-deco-ideas-apartment-design-19

bathroom-ideas-bathroom-design-interior design-ideas-deco-ideas-apartment-design-17

bathroom-ideas-bathroom-design-interior design-ideas-deco-ideas-apartment-design-16

The bathroom decoration here makes the vintage style of the room noticeable

metro tiles bathroom white bathroom design decorative flowers

bathroom ideas beautiful herbal decoration

In an economically furnished bathroom, you can treat yourself to some fine accessories

bathroom DIY decoration or kitchen

Bathroom in shabby-chic-bathroom-decorating-fresh-decorating ideas

Another great idea for bathroom decor in vintage style


succulents-than-decoration-to-home-money tree-in-bathroom

wohnideen-by-the-full-colored cloths Than decoration-in-bad

Rely on bathroom accessories with character

deco-itself-are-from-tennis balls functional solution-for-the-bathroom

wall decoration made of wood wall covering bathroom


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