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Stoves that make us dream

Anyone who has ever dealt with the topic of stoves knows very well that it is very complex. You have to consider many aspects, observe the regulations for installation, plan properly, choose the right fuel and much more. We cannot cover all of this in this article, so we will focus on some trendy designs for stoves and only then give practical tips. However, in advance we want to emphasize that finding the perfect fireplace is a personal matter. It radiates cozy warmth in the cold months and makes us dream. In the following, we will show you exactly those stoves whose designs range from classic to rustic-modern to Scandinavian. So there is something for every style and taste.

The design of the fireplace has to fit seamlessly into the entire interior.

Design living room with fireplace

  • Stoves for every style and taste

The fireplace is traditionally accepted as the heart of the house and has become a metaphor for protection and security. From the first open fireplaces to today's modern, mostly built-in fireplace, the design of the stoves has developed enormously.

Tiled or with a striking border, the fireplace is always the definitive eye-catcher in the room where it is located. It invites you to cuddle and dream and its flames provide the warmth you need in winter. Even hours after the fire in the fireplace has gone out, the stored heat is gradually released into the room environment.

In winter it is particularly cozy to sit and chat in front of the burning fireplace with nice people.

Fireplace decoration ideas

The design depends on the one hand on the materials from which the fireplace is made, and on the other hand on the fuel. Classically designed stoves are made of sheet steel or cast iron and are characterized by their enormous durability. Their high-quality processed steel jacket ensures quick heat dissipation in the room. But the stoves covered with natural stone or ceramic also impress with their stylish design and high heat capacity. They are also easy to care for and easy to clean. However, if you are looking for a first-class design of the stove, then you can opt for a stove clad with sandstone. In most cases it has a grainy surface around the border and a warm yellow color. Such stoves create a cozy Mediterranean atmosphere at home. From classic to super modern, stoves are built from extremely fireproof molded stones, for example their combustion chambers are made from fireclay and vermiculite. Both materials are temperature-resistant and recyclable, which is why they are extremely environmentally friendly.

The design of your stove depends on your individual taste.

Before you decide on a particular design of your fireplace, you need to inquire about possible options regarding the right fuel. Lignite or firewood? Gas or electricity? You can easily be in doubt, so we recommend that you seek advice from a specialist. However, wood has established itself as the environmentally friendly choice because when it is burned, only as much CO2 is released into the atmosphere as was originally extracted from it during plant growth. But you certainly don't know which type of wood has the highest calorific value? In the first place, we would recommend hardwood, as it burns well in the stove and, depending on the volume, less storage space than softwood, e.g. needed. Beech or oak is undoubtedly the best choice for a long-lasting fire.

The trendy electric wood-burning stoves can also be found on the specialist market, which, in addition to their practical, also perform a great decorative function. The built-in bio gas fireplaces are also enjoying increasing popularity. But you will be the subject of one of our next posts.

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the design of a fireplace.

Stoves with an unusual design in Scandinavian style

Finally, as far as the design of the stoves is concerned, it has to be said that you have to choose between an open and a closed model. Nowadays nobody wants to have dirt and smoke smell in the house, which is why the stoves with glass ceramic discs are preferred. Through this pane you can watch the blazing fire and dream for hours in cozy warmth in front of the fireplace. Closed fireplaces also score with their high efficiency compared to open ones. A lot of heat is lost in the last. The closed models are also safer in terms of fire risk. With them, flying sparks into the room is practically impossible.

While the fire is pounding in the fireplace, you could leave the room with a clear conscience.


  • Stoves viewed from a practical point of view

Before you decide on an open stove for your home, you must read the installation regulations carefully and observe them when choosing the most suitable location. You have to accept that a stove is subject to very strict rules. Therefore planning in advance is half the battle. You must maintain the prescribed distances from the wall and furniture to avoid any risk of fire. It is good to know that the minimum distance of the stoves from the wall for most manufacturers is 20 cm. The floor underneath must be made of fireproof material, otherwise you will need a shim. You must also make sure that the walls on the side and behind the stove are not covered with flammable building materials. Do not place any temperature-sensitive or flammable material in front of the fireplace. This is the only way to ensure your personal safety and that of your family members.

We hope that today's information was interesting again and wish you many cozy hours in front of your fireplace at home.

It would be best to follow the manufacturer's instructions so that the heat does no harm.

Stoves cozy living room fireplace tiled wall nice look

This modern fireplace is a remarkable designer solution. It serves as a partition between the bedroom and the bathroom and gives both rooms a radiant shine.

Stoves modern fireplace design solution

You can express your personal style and taste through such a tiled fireplace wall.

Stoves small living room tiled wall personal peculiarity of the design

Gas stoves also fit perfectly in rustic rooms.

Stoves with gas fit into rustic rooms

This stove can be rotated 360 degrees and stays cool when touched. However, its sculptural shape makes it an eye-catcher in the room.

Stoves modern living room in Scandinavian style

The design of the stoves varies – from classic-rustic….

Classic stoves - rustic design living room with fireplace

… about modern …

Stoves modern interior design dining room fireplace

… Until canceled!

Fireplace stoves unusual design tiled fireplace wall very appealing

But comfort and cozy warmth are very important to all models!

Stoves modern built-in gas fireplace cozy living room lots of warmth

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