Tinkering ghosts – more than 70 simple and original decoration ideas for Halloween – Decor

Tinkering ghosts – more than 70 simple and original decoration ideas for Halloween

Soon it will be haunted again and scary figures wander through streets and gardens. Halloween is just around the corner and you are probably wondering how to decorate your home and garden to give your creepy party even more spice. As always, there is no limit to creativity, of course, and you can let off steam with decorations and costumes at the horror festival. Today we show you how easy and cheap you can make Halloween ghosts and create an extra scary effect.

Tinkering ghosts is a lot of fun for adults and children

ghosts tinker halloween table decoration idea

Make ghosts with gauze cloths

One of the most effective and simple crafting techniques for creepy or cute DIY ghosts is with gauze towels or bandages. Alternatively, you can also use other fabrics such as lace, net remnants, cheesecloths and even fabric remnants, kitchen paper and towels. As if by magic, with the help of only a few materials, incredibly original ghosts are created, which give every Halloween party or table decoration that certain something and become instant eye-catchers.

With the right light, the whole thing looks even more mysterious

Creative Halloween decorations to create ghosts

For such DIY ghosts you need:

  • Gauze bandages or cloths or compresses (depending on the desired ghost size)
  • Wallpaper paste or spray adhesive
  • balloons
  • Styrofoam balls (optional)
  • Wire and wire cutters
  • pet bottle
  • scissors
  • duct tape
  • Construction paper, pen or moving eyes
  • Nylon ribbon or cord (for floating ghosts)

Extra tip: Alternatively, you can also use stiff fabric, starch, cornstarch, water and flour in a 4: 1 ratio and even gypsum.

And this is how it is done:

Step 1

make ghosts out of pet bottle instructions

Use scissors to cut the bottom of the bottle evenly.

2nd step

ghost tinker instructions with wire and balloon

Use pliers to bend the wire as shown in the picture below. If desired, you can leave the two ends longer and populate them with styrofoam balls.

3rd step

ghosts tinker with balloon and pet bottle

Inflate the balloon, close it with a knot and fix it to the bottle neck with adhesive tape.

4th step

tinker ghost step by step instructions

Lay layers of gauze cloth on top of the ghost construction. Spray each one with spray adhesive or soak them in the wallpaper paste beforehand and wring them out well. Use as many layers of gauze as you want and always make sure that they extend nicely to the work surface and even cover them a bit. This way your ghosts will stand firmly afterwards even without the construction. Allow to dry overnight after the last layer.

5th step

small ghosts make halloween decorations

Pierce the balloon with a needle and carefully pull out the bottle construction. Draw or glue eyes and mouth if desired on the face of your ghost and hang or place it where you want it.

If desired, you can keep styrofoam balls and wire during construction

Halloween ghosts tinker with cheesecloth

A cute ghost family is created so easily and quickly

cheesecloth ghost tinker halloween decoration ideas

Make piñata ghosts

Not only Halloween ghosts are very popular with children, but also the so-called piñatas. These come from Central America and are colorful figures filled with fruits and sweets. Made of cardboard, crepe paper or paper mache, piñatas are beaten empty at children's parties with hands or sticks and the delicacies that fall out of them are eagerly collected. For the Halloween Children's Festival, it is therefore perfectly fitting to make ghosts in piñata form and fill them with candies and candy bars.

Here we show you a possible variant with balloons. You can also use a cardboard box or even a paper lantern for this.

For the piñata ghosts you need:

  • balloons
  • Corn starch or Mod Podge napkin glue
  • Newspaper strips
  • a bowl
  • white acrylic paint
  • brush
  • tissue
  • black clay or felt paper for the mouth and eyes
  • paper glue
  • Thread or cord to hang

The piñatas are great as Halloween decorations and a tasty surprise at the same time

ghosts tinker halloween pinata party

Here's how it's done:

Inflate the balloon and tie it to a knot. Dissolve the cornstarch in water or take the napkin glue in hand. Start coating each strip of newsprint one after the other and sticking it to the balloon, similar to the one decoupage, Let it dry out and then stain it in white. Cut the balloon neck with the scissors and carefully remove the remnants of the balloon.

Fill the inside with the treats you want. It's best to choose those that are light. Then stick a piece of paper with the tape on the opening. Decorate the lower part of the Piñata ghost with three layers of tissue paper as shown in the picture below. Cut out your mouth and eyes from the clay or felt paper and stick them on the ghost face. You can then use the cord to hang the ghosts anywhere in the house or garden. Finished!

Step by step instructions in pictures

ghosts tinker pinata halloween idea

Make last minute fairy lights

It couldn't be easier and faster to make a string of lights for Halloween. You only need a few materials for this, namely:

  • Tennis balls or plastic balls from the craft store
  • permanent markers
  • LED fairy lights
  • sharp scissors or cutter
  • Tulle or thin residues
  • Yarn or thin threads

Funny ghosts hover over the festive table

ghosts tinker garland halloween decoration

Here's how you do it:

Paint funny or creepy ghost faces on the tennis balls with the permanent marker. Make small crosses on each ball with the cutter or scissors, where you put the LED lights in afterwards. Cut squares (approx. 15 x 15 cm) out of the tulle or the thin fabric and make a tiny hole in the middle with the scissors.

In any case, only use LED light strings, because they do not heat up

ghost tennis balls tinker fairy lights halloween

Then place each tennis ball on a piece of fabric and tie with the yarn so that a doll shape is created (see below in the picture). The cross cut and fabric hole should be exactly on top of each other. Now put a light in each ball and your magical ghost garland for Halloween is ready.

A long cord helps you to hang the string of lights as you like

ghosts tinker halloween fairy lights instruction

These three crafting methods are far from the only ones when it comes to eerie and original Halloween decoration goes. You can create all kinds of creepy characters in different ways. Take a look below at how you can still make ghosts and get inspired. We wish you a horribly great scary party and lots of fun crafting and celebrating!

It continues ghostly!

Make ghosts out of cheesecloth Halloween decorations yourself

Magic floating spirits from bed sheets and lanterns

make bedspreads lanterns halloween ghosts

Super simple Halloween fairy lights for your party decoration

simple fairy lights tinkering halloween

A large net ghost welcomes your guests in the garden

ghosts tinker outside decoration halloween

Even smaller versions are effective enough

tinker ghosts from tin cans and towels

There is a very simple structure behind these scary friends

ghosts tinker cheap halloween decoration outside

ghosts construction outside decoration halloween

ghosts tinker with wood and craft balls for Halloween

And so you make smart Lollipop ghosts

Halloween diy decorations of ghosts with kitchen paper

lolli pop ghosts tinker halloween

Eerie ideas with white balloons

creepy ghosts tinker for halloween outside decoration

simple halloween decoration ghosts tinker with balloons

white balloons tinker with halloween

ghosts tinker with white balloons

And a lot of ideas on how big and small can make ghosts

simple diy idea of ​​ghosts tinker halloween out of paper cups

cotton pads ghosts tinker with children for Halloween

ghosts tinker with children from cotton pads

ghosts tinker with autumn leaves for Halloween

ghosts tinker with children for Halloween with autumn leaves

ghosts tinker with leaves for Halloween

simple ghosts make decorating ideas for halloween tinker elegant halloween garland

finger puppets halloween ghosts made of felt

Garden decorations of ghosts from wooden boards

garden decorations halloween ghosts tinker

ghosts tinker with flower pots for Halloween

create ghosts out of buttons for Halloween

ghosts made of paper for sweets

ghosts make out of paper for Halloween create ghosts out of plastic bottles for Halloween

plastic bottles of ghosts tinker halloween create ghosts from scraps of fabric ghosts tinker flowerpot decorate succulents ghosts tinker halloween decor children ghosts tinker halloween with gauze ghosts tinker ideas for halloween tinkering ghosts with children from pumpkins

creating ghosts with children out of paper ghosts tinker with children potato imprint technology ghosts tinker with fabric and balloon ghosts tinker for Halloween from lace

garland of ghosts tinker with scraps of fabric

glass bell ghosts tinker halloween decoration idea

tinker ghosts for Halloween

halloween outside decorating ghosts

Halloween decorations ghosts tinker in the glass

halloween ghosts tinker with wood

halloween ghosts tinker with toilet rolls

halloween ghosts tinker with garbage cloth and toilet rolls

Halloween ghosts make picture frames

Halloween ghosts tinker with children

handkerchief ghosts tinker halloween decoration

Halloween ghosts tinker with handkerchief

Halloween ghosts tinker with cloths outside decoration

Halloween garland of ghosts tinker with yarn

Halloween wreath tinkering

hanging ghosts from toilet rolls

make little halloween ghosts with garbage lantern fairy lights tinkering halloween

fairy lights ghosts tinker halloween decoration ideas garbage cloth ghosts tinker halloween decoration

garbage cloth tinker halloween

embroidery hoops ghosts tinker halloween decoration outside

trash bags ghosts tinker halloween decoration

original ghosts make a hanging lamp out of paper

Halloween decorations ghosts make tealights

paper plate ghosts tinker halloween decoration

Make puristic Halloween decorations of ghosts

scary ghosts tinker with towels

tinker with a skull mask

Make scarves for Halloween

Make Halloween scarves

tinker silk clay modeling clay upcycling ghosts tinker for halloween tin can

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