Unique design inspiration for your home with interior design in 3D – Decor

Unique design inspiration for your home with interior design in 3D

Everyone knows what 3D technology means. However, their use in interior decoration is still not as popular and widespread. We would therefore like to take up the topic of 3D interior design and use a few examples to illustrate its advantages and disadvantages. We put an emphasis on the 3D floor design. But we have also prepared other inspiration examples for you. The ideas are in many styles and ideal for rooms with different functions. Have fun while reading!

You can imitate textiles in 3D

Fancy patterns for design inspiration

How exactly can a 3D floor be designed?

Most people associate the 3D design in the interior design with realistic pictures of nature. The ocean floor is very often represented in this way. Ponds and green meadows are other very popular topics for interior decoration. But the world of 3D representations the interior design offers many other alternatives.

The three-dimensional effects are used to better represent a perspective. This makes simple patterns look much more striking. Furthermore, the visual perception of certain dimensions in space can be influenced purely visually. This can have a very positive effect, especially in smaller rooms and those with an irregular floor plan. This ensures balance in otherwise unevenly appearing rooms. Spaces that are too narrow could appear wider and therefore more pleasant. Attention: When choosing floors, the slip resistance factor is very important!

The 3D effect is popular for stair designs

Colorful stripes as design inspiration

What are 3D floors and walls made of?

Liquid glass is mostly used for the 3D design in the interior. In addition, you can use common ceramics wonderfully as the basis for it. Furthermore, 3D design on the basis of resin would have to be created. You should choose the right material in accordance with your budget, specific needs and the rest of the interior design. In all cases, you have complete freedom in the choice of colors. Among other things, the 3D surfaces are a wonderful way of visually imitating fine stones such as marble or wood in the interior.

The floor is easy to maintain and effective through the liquid glass with a 3D effect

Design inspiration - 3 D tiles

Why is it worth investing in 3D in the interior?

The 3D interior is perfect for modern room design concepts. This creates a super innovative and at the same time bold interior design. The floor design in 3D in particular has many practical advantages. Such floors are particularly easy to clean, especially when they are made from liquid glass. There are no pores in this material in which bacteria could collect. So, among other things, the liquid glass floor design is a very healthy decision for allergy sufferers.

Great 3D design for a masculine kitchen design

Design inspiration - blue chairs and other ideas in the kitchen

Installation tips

The use of 3D surfaces in the interior is usually very simple. Most of the time, it is not even necessary to uninstall the existing materials. The only exception in this regard are the floors and walls made of wood. This would have problems with leveling. Have your 3D walls and floors installed by professional installers. This will increase the possibility of longevity and sustainability. It is also recommended that the furniture is firmly installed on the floor and then screwed so that it does not slide back and forth. The opposite would affect the quality of the floors. Scratches and other quality problems are quite possible in this case.

The floor design has introduced several colors and new dimensions

Design inspiration - colorful floor design

Tips for the use of 3D surfaces in the interior

Within open living plans, floor and wall designs in 3D can either define different zones or unify various ones by a common theme. In kitchen design e.g. you can imitate fine materials for the surfaces such as marble or other types of natural stone. In the bedroom, you can create a harmonious mood through the 3D representation of a landscape, which helps you fall asleep. Bathrooms are both easier to care for and more original thanks to the visual representation of rivers or pebbles. After all, the interior design of children's rooms can be made particularly exciting with 3D designs.

The 3D interior can also look classic

Design inspiration - elegant hall design

Waterfall illustration on a staircase – idea for modern and naturalistic design

Design inspiration - flow on the steps

The river stones are an often chosen motif for bathrooms

Design inspiration - river stones in the bathroom

Design inspiration - yellow and green shades

3D effect and classic neutral fabric range for the bedroom

Design inspiration - design in black and white

Design inspiration - green floor design

Design inspiration - no stones

Colorful stripes in the interior through 3D images

Design inspiration - elongated stripes

Design inspiration - round black and white patterns

Design inspiration - pond in the kitchen

Blue marble grain on the floor design – 3D imitation

Design inspiration - great patterns for the floor

Design inspiration - wonderful neutral floor design

Design inspiration - room like a cave

The 3D floor makes this kitchen look more alive

Design inspiration (44)

Design inspiration blue white stairs

Design inspiration for bright blue ideas

You can also imitate wood in 3D

Design inspiration imitation of gold

Design inspiration imitation of wool

Design inspiration in blue, gray and beige

Rural design with multiple dimensions

Design inspiration in a dining room

Design inspiration in neutral shades

Design inspiration in black and white

3D interior design ideas shape many children's rooms

Design inspiration in many great colors

Design inspiration oblong squares

Design inspiration Purple like space

Flowing water – great effect in the bathroom

Design inspiration marble floor

Design inspiration with darker colors

Design inspiration with larger marble tiles

Abstract square patterns in great colors – appealing living room design

Design inspiration with interesting geometry

Design inspiration with classic patterns for the floor

Design inspiration with lots of bright colors

Would you like to have the ocean floor in your bathroom as well?

Design inspiration original bathroom

Design inspiration great floral pattern

Design inspiration wonderful squares

Classic patterns in a modern design

A large living room - design inspiration

Ideas for all walls design inspiration

Imitation of a wooden floor - design inspiration

Both neutral and classic color palettes are suitable for 3D design

multiple squares of design inspiration

multiple shades of design inspiration

several great squares design inspiration

Liven up the neutral design with a colorful floor

Pink, black and green - design inspiration

Black and orange patterns - design inspiration

Scandinavian idea design inspiration

A few more original 3D patterns

Great sheets for design inspiration

wonderful blue design design inspiration

Wonderful design inspiration for the open living space

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