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Wall mirror: simple decoration ideas for a more modern look of the room

What differentiates the modern from the traditional use of a wall mirror? In the first case, its creative decorative use is much more pronounced. A mirror personalizes your room, defines one zone in it, and makes it more comfortable with the right mirror effects. Many decorative concepts are rounded off with the clever use of wall mirrors. Let yourself be inspired by some great role models!

In this hallway, the wall mirror determines the atmosphere

antique wall mirror interior ideas in the hallway

Wall mirror for the cozy hall design

The transition from the hallway to the living area is relatively fluid in many modern apartments. However, its better visual limitation is very important from a psychological point of view for the well-being of those concerned. With suitable pieces of furniture, its separate character could be emphasized.

This is achieved with a console table and an oversized mirror with an interesting shape, as shown in the picture above. Due to the mirror effect, the small space appears much larger.

This room looks much brighter through the mirror

wide frame wall mirror decoration ideas

Modern wall decor

Wall mirrors are a tricky topic in the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, they spread an energy that affects our peaceful sleep. But a lot actually depends on their positioning. In the next example below, the mirrors hang on the wall far above the sleeper. These are therefore not distracted at all by the mirror effects. The wall mirrors are just a beautiful wall decoration.

These mirrors have a decorative rather than functional character

three great mirror wall mirror interior ideas

Important decorative element in a minimalist design

Wall mirrors are often the most important decorative element in modern minimalist home furnishings. In the following picture, this is exactly the case. The large mirror consists of various smaller rectangular units. They are not flat, but form different angles to the wall. As a result, the entire spatial impression is welded together in a very interesting way.

The mirror is the highlight in this minimalist ambience

three-dimensional wall mirror decoration ideas

Modern interpretation of the classic

How would you define the space in the picture below? The decoration and interior certainly have classic features. At the same time, the reduced forms and number of pieces of furniture radiate modernity. So we are dealing here with a very current interpretation of classic design. The wall mirror plays a key role in this by reflecting the great opposite wall decoration.

The wall mirror allows you to double the effect of some decorative elements

dressing table wall mirror interior ideas

Each of the following examples of the use of wall mirrors in decoration is a work of art in itself. They are pretty simple and increase their value thanks to the creativity of their designers. Therefore, take a look at these pictures several times. We hope that you can identify with one or more of them and use them as inspiration for your own concept.

Pay attention to what the wall mirror is aimed at!

highlight an area wall mirror interior ideas

The shape of the mirror can correspond to other decorative elements

several wall mirrors interior ideas living room

What do you think of great mirror frames?

seamless design wall mirror decoration ideas

The wall mirror helps to structure this large room

piano wall mirror interior ideas

The mirror frames in gold or silver have a strong decorative effect

square frame wall mirror decoration ideas

Some mirrors look like real jewels

square frame wall mirror decoration ideas

red accent wall wall mirror decoration ideas

wall mirror decoration ideas blue background

wall mirror deco ideas simple minimalist shapes

Several round mirrors designed together have an artistic effect

wall mirror deco ideas installation

wall mirror deco ideas interesting idea with triangles

wall mirror decoration ideas rectangles ideas

wall mirror decoration ideas round shape details

wall mirror decor ideas great rectangular frames

The wall mirror as the frame of a fireplace? Why not?

wall mirror decoration ideas different cells

wall mirror decor ideas white mirror

wall mirror interior design ideas winning design

wall mirror interior decoration ideas deco bed

wall mirror interior design ideas above the bedside table

Make a little more out of the mirror frames

wall mirror interior ideas brilliant frame

Two great mirrors could flank a fireplace

wall mirror interior ideas bright room

wall mirror interior ideas ideas room spread

wall mirror interior design ideas round floral

wall mirror interior ideas wall decor dining room

centering wall mirror interior ideas

between the windows wall mirror interior ideas

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