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Architectural Wonders in the Middle of Nature

Thanks to the construction materials selected according to the conditions of nature, we can live in any region with peace of mind. In many parts of the world, weather conditions are very difficult in winter or summer. Houses constructed under different conditions are designed considering all the conditions of the region and the land.

1- A magnificent design made under the ground that does not disturb nature at all

2- A house made without destroying the trees

3- Cliffs like the friendly of this house

4- A project integrated with the river

5-A wonderful home for those who want to live in the forest

6- A modern architectural wonder that can be an example for mountainous and densely wooded areas

7- A seafront design surrounded by rocks instead of a beach

8- The lawn house, which adapts very successfully.


9- It is like living in a container under harsh conditions in winter

10- A modern architectural design that can be experienced during the heavy snowy winter months

11- A house made for those who want to breathe the fresh forest air every day

12- Great architecture for those who like to run in the forest